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This boy’s The wheelchair eyes, thin and small body seems online shop nfl jerseys “spiritwalker” to be buried in a wheelchair, at any time may fall. He is only 1.4 meters tall and weighs about 20 kilograms. But as long as he spoke, unwavering tone and loud and strong voice will affect each person.

Born to suffer from a rare disease of the world – osteogenesis imperfecta big boy, called Liu Daming, 19 years old this year. Once upon a time, there was a doctor who predicted that he would not live two years.

Zhao Jiaolian never thought of giving up his son’s life. She still remember, when Ming is only 6 months old, have a bath, had a broken arm, sent to the hospital nfl jerseys news for a preliminary diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfecta, patients with this disease is called “Glass Doll”. The family’s nightmare began.

The doctor advised her: “do not do anything for the child, but two years old, there is no way to cure the world.”

When he was very young, he realized that he was different from other children. He alone, only just can not play, can not fall. His space is only bed and sofa. Lying on the sofa reading nfl cheap jerseys online, listening to other people’s footsteps, has become a big Ming childhood fun.

Later, he began to lay in bed and School of painting, but painting, less than two months, his left leg was broken.

In the pain accompanied by the day, big Ming like to read, but also recite the Tang poetry. He began to show his amazing talent in memory, as long as the simple mother taught him, he can recite.

But at the beginning, no school is willing to accept this special child, the school is worried about the safety of children. To the big inscription at the age of 7, he had learned of the primary school curriculum. When he wrote his name and home address in the complete primary school headmaster. After he was admitted to the Lanzhou City Zhengning Road Primary school.

In 2000, Da Ming at the age of 6, he was in Beijing, “the domestic first-class Department of orthopedics experts” sentenced to death. But the parents insisted on sticking to, he did not give up, they accompany a large Ming rapids through life. The difficult course for many years a doctor, let the boy know from the urine of life and well-being, mental more mature than their peers.

In 2012, the condition of the big Ming once again deteriorated, severe deformation of the spine is a huge S shape, the entire stomach was squeezed into a thin strip, milk can not drink a few mouthfuls, each meal can only eat three or four spoons. At this time, the original good vision also occasionally become blurred. No, the big Ming family once again set foot on the road to seek medical advice.

In the domestic cheap nfl jerseys online authority of the hospital, the old experts to see the film, the father of the big Ming reluctantly shook his head and said: “within a year, do not consider doing this operation…… Better lie down.”

The dream is broken again, but the big Ming is not reconciled. He later wrote: I can not be reconciled, not reconciled, as long as I can play a dynamic, I will go forward, down the climb, can not move on the move, rub, tube it ugly posture.”

In 2011, Suzhou held the first national high school campus poetry, Liu Daming with the song “Spiritwalker” poems touch one deeply in the heart of the sensation of the city of suzhou.

In the prologue, the wheelchair young poet, sharing his life: “I feel that life is suffering in a compulsory course, is behind the success of invisible bitterness, and brave behind we cannot imagine. Everyone should be in a limited time, the bloom of their infinite value of life.”

The trunk to the disease, the soul for life

“You will give the trunk disease, but the soul for life, you will be happy to share feelings, but the grief left heart, you will dream to the youth, but nfl jerseys free shipping suffering left persistent……” The soul walker is a portrait of Liu Daming’s life.

Daming’s body had been need to put on a heavy shell for supporting metal strips for correction of bone, skin, pain he were the veins, often faint. His clothes were wet through the winter. Even at night to sleep, have to wear this hard plastic shell, a long time, the body has been several places have been grinding off the skin.

He loves life, though he can’t stand his legs, but he is crazy about basketball. On his bedroom wall, plastered with posters of idol NBA star Kobe.

Ming Kobe love not only because of the famous football star. A reporter asked Kobe: “Why are you so successful?” Kobe asked the reporter: “do you know Losangeles at 4 in the morning?” Reporter shook his head. Kobe said: “I know every day at 4 in Losangeles.” The story greatly inspired the boy in the wheelchair.

“I feel alive is no longer one thing, it is not only for money, prestige and struggle, goals should be higher and bigger, I wish the whole world will be in the chair, sharing gives me wealth to everyone.” Da Ming said.

Ming Ming felt the urgency of his time, he did not want to waste life.2012 years, was sentenced to death by the doctor, he had a premonition that his life may come to an end. He attends classes in the day and works in the evening until two or three a.m. on the second day, he hopes to write a book that can be circulated

Because sitting spine hurts, so he can only lie in writing, so he often feels breath, arm pain.

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