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When he sit in Opportunity is buy the theater, was striking cheap nike nfl jerseys on their own one snag after another, and missed the play. It was 1995 May 22nd, when the performance department has professional recruitment is completed, only a professional musical in enrollment, when he was 25 years old, 1.80 meters tall and weighing 178 pounds, a typical northeast han.

Registration of the teacher to see him, a look of surprise: you also come to apply for a performance?”

“Yes, I just came to register for performance.” He is full of confidence.

At that time, he has a reputation, has won the Heilongjiang first break dance contest, the first national dance competition in second, he was also mimic the normalizing of the little tigers, since a small group of wolves, all performances in Harbin’s major dance halls online shop nfl jerseys and nightclubs, days as the jerseys nfl authentic Wholesale fame and fortune. Beijing to test the play just to round his childhood actor dream.

The teacher did not look at his eyes, waved his hand, said: “the child, go back. You can’t get it?”

Like a sap in the head, was strong he was stunned, also did not test, the teacher was shut out, he felt so unexpected.

“Why?” He is not willing to pack and leave, be sure to ask a clear.

The teacher finally raised his eyes glanced at him and said: “you know why professional musical needs? To dance ballet, you look at you, you can figure ballet? You can hold your toes that big?”

The original musical professional requirements are very high, not only the image is better, the voice is better, the body is also very high demand. Although his dance won awards, the image from that still handsome than Jiang Wen and Wang Zhiwen, the sound is also very deep magnetic, but stocky, applicants do not meet the requirements.

He did not want to give up hope, quietly asked the teacher: “do I lose weight?”

The teacher was a little impatient, and said: “at least 20 pounds.” Say that finish to go to other, never see him again.

There are 30 days away from nfl jerseys china factory the day of the exam, so short a day to lose 20 pounds, the possibility of zero estimates, the teacher also didn’t expect him to lose weight, casually answered just sent him away, but this careless sentence is regarded by him as a life-saving straw. He knew he was playing.

The same day he found a fellow in the play, in his dorm room, began his weight loss process. Every day regardless of the weather, never stopped running, three times a day, every fifty minutes, after the run, and then to a like steamer of the greenhouse, practicing ballet 1000 small jumps, the rest of the time is to practice. Every day in addition to eating a diet of broth, eat some fruit, not a staple food. At the beginning, students have a help in play overweight go with him, but after a few days, those people a retreat, only one person he persevered. Like “the true story of Agam” in the actor as tireless, not afraid of criticism, running in the rain, running in the sun was silent, late at night in the corridor back lines, those crazy move to let him play in the courtyard has become a unique landscape. Then around the students play as long as I see he will whisper with disdain said: “look, the crazy again.”

The day finally came, the whole month, he lost 36 pounds, an average of more than a pound a day.

Next, he smug, determined to win. On the day of the examination, to more than and 700 people, is full of beauty, which has a very beautiful girl, tall, is particularly conspicuous in the candidates. Coincidentally, he was chosen by the teacher and the beauty of cooperation. The title of the exam is: a pair of lovers break up the play. He has a good mood, ready lines, openly play. He looked gloomy, little pain, small eyes downcast, not looking at each other, softly said: “we break up.” He heard the beautiful girl with a clear voice: “why?” He could not help but raised his head and saw her face flushed, staring watery eyes, looked at him nervously, helpless. He could not help her nervous infection, my mind went blank, pre conceived lines forgotten, so he heavily sighed and said: “we break up.” Girls are at a loss, or that sentence: “why?” Honglei Sun helpless, he did not know how to continue it, watching the girls anxious look he shouted a sentence: “why not what?” “Why is that?” Finally, the teacher was impatient, stop, a play is not over yet let down results as can be imagined.

Hard to prepare for half a year, especially one month to the cruel weight, seeing from the scene of the door closer, unexpectedly let these few nfl jerseys online minutes show screwed up, he was anxious to upset and slap yourself. If not encounter such a rival, maybe he can play his performance, there may be opportunity to retest. However, things in this world can never be assumed.

When he was very disappointed, become dejected and despondent out of the exam, a teacher at the back shouted: “the examinee, wait, give you a chance to let you take the exam again.”

It turned out that from the first registration, image and sound are good only a little fat he gave the impression of the teacher.

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