If the driver nfl jerseys from china has a dream

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A 18 year old boy,If the driver nfl jerseys who had just stepped from china has a dream out of the shadows of school dropouts, wanted to get a job to ease the burden on his family. But Venezuela just from a financial crisis to wake up, in the capital Caracas, tens of thousands of workers unemployed.

With the help of his father, he was fortunate enough to work for the bus company, which is a good job, of course, this cost at least half a year of his father’s salary. He dropped out of school before, obtain a driver’s license, which he can become the key to the office.

He was driving the 83 bus is the nba jerseys news only way outside the bus, the car ticket is an inexperienced girl, because of frequent violence, strong Ma Du Luo driver and bodyguard.

A week later, Maduro was tired of this job, the bus difficult to jerseys supply nfl center open, there is always a danger, people with unemployment often lose their senses, causing trouble in the bus, which became the main reason for Maduro worry. Often the question is: he slammed on the brakes and turn back, with the girl’s flirting with the mob theory, sometimes even strike violently. At first Maduro was always in a bad mood, and for a long time, he summed up a set of ways to punish the mob.

If you don’t drive, he will lose a job with a good income, and his father will be sad. Mother comfort him speechless, he forced himself back to work. Because the person is clever, brave, three months later, his bus was judged as the most secure bus by the city TV station, for a time, the people are scrambling to take his bus line.

His bus line, every morning will pass by the municipal hall, spacious and bright office environment has become the desire of Maduro, he had a political dream since childhood, to enter the municipal hall visit.

Two years later, his 83 bus was in trouble, because normally offended some wild bully, he suffered an injury for the largest, two gangs officers surrounded the bus, pulled him off, trying to beat, this is not to say, the car full of people into their vent tool.

Maduro unruffled, leadership and negotiation: Gang asked to put all the people. And they are willing to accept their punishment. Maduro was kidnapped at least three days, and his act saved the whole car passengers. Three days later, the police in the den will all nfl style jerseys rescue him, and he with his wisdom, was saved in den three other abductees.

For a time, he became a hero, and soon, he was elected as a member of the public transport system. By the end of 1985, at the age of 19 he justifiably enter the town hall meeting to speak, but his speech has aroused the attention of the president Lu sinche. In 1986, at the age of 20, he became the youngest government member in the history of venezuela.

A driver’s dream has just begun. In 1999, he participated in the drafting of the constitution, the following year, he was president Chavez eye, a government minister of civil affairs. In 2012, after Chavez was cheap nike nfl jerseys elected president, he was able to become a vice president of Venezuela with a unique diplomatic and foreign minister.

After the death of Chavez, he became acting president. In the April 15th presidential election, he defeated the other competitors, have become the new president of venezuela. He is Maduro.

The president was originally an ordinary driver, but is out of the ordinary, the driver of the dream, he dreams to go along, even fall, hurt by it. So the driver became president, it is not a legend.

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