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French media No ambition nfl jerseys tycoon Laon by selling wholesale center when the poor decorative portraits started in less than 10 years, rapidly among the 50 big French billionaires list, in 1998 he died of prostate cancer in France Bobigny hospital. Before his death, he left a will, he donated 4 billion 600 million francs shares to the hospital for prostate cancer research, the other will be as a bonus of $1 million, the prize is to uncover the mystery of poverty.

Bala ang died, “the French newspaper” published his testament. He said: “I was a poor man, but he died as a rich man into heaven. Before entering the threshold of heaven, I don’t think I become rich secret away, now the secret lock in the French central bank one of nfl jerseys news my private safe, safe three keys in my lawyers and two agents. If anyone can answer “by the poor is the lack of what” this problem and guessed my secret, he will be able to get my congratulations. Then, of course, I could not reach out for the wisdom of his wisdom from the grave, but he nfl jerseys at best discount was able to take 1 million francs from the safe, and that was my applause.”

Will print after, “newspaper” received a lot of letters, someone called Bara ang crazy, some people say “newspaper” is to enhance the circulation in the speculation, but most people still send their answers.

Most people think, the poor is the lack of money; there are some people think, the lack of opportunities is poor; another part of people think, the poor is the lack of skills; some people believe that the poor is the lack of help and care. In all kinds of answers, this is not the only one.

To Bala ‘s death anniversary, the lawyer and the agent according to Bala ang’ s account in the notary department under the supervision of opened the box, in a 48561 letter, a little girl named Tiller guessed Laon tips – Tiller and Bala Ang Du thought that the poor is the lack of ambition, that become rich ambition. During the day, “newspaper” with all the curious, ask why the 9 year old Tiller think of ambition, and not the other. Tiller said: “every time my sister took her 11 year old boyfriend home, she always warned me not to be ambitious! Do not have ambition! I think, maybe ambition can make people get what they want.”

Baraan answers and Tiller answered editions, caused great shock, the shock even beyond France, spread to britain. Not long ago, some Hollywood and other industry upstarts several young man in an interview with local radio topic, they openly admit: ambition is cure is eternal, all the wonders of germination. Some people are poor, mostly because they have a past hope weakness, lack of ambition.

In our impression, “ambition” is a derogatory term, but in real life, often can achieve a personal ambition.

There are some such stories, they plot ups and downs, although the fact that looks lustrous and dazzling, seem to lack of reality. We see a top quality for nfl jerseys good fake ah will shout, and ignore the meaning of the story itself. There is no such thing as a story, sometimes life is more dramatic than drama.

There is a story, I said it is “a semi final Clay oven rolls”. Some famous great man after the master’s advice, stick, or by a careless word prompt, suddenly opened the shell, embarked on a golden road to realize the ambition. We may read this kind of story, I will want to wait for this to call me to qualitative change happens, this is completely for the modern version of the. A very simple truth, master change is formed due to change slowly, but it is a contact fuse. “Bai Yu Jing” in a story called “desire to eat half pie”, the person for the sixth time and a half full Clay oven rolls, contrite knew only eat half a Clay oven rolls of end, waste in front of six. We laugh at the fool, but I do not know that nfl jerseys from china they may often make such mistakes, the fifty step to laugh a hundred steps.

If a person’s “self” to protect it is indestructible, the great solemn story can not shake him. Philosopher Osho said that to be a “fragile person”, this “fragile” refers to the degree of openness of the mind. A completely fragile heart is like a piece of white paper, can accept any graffiti. “Legend of the Condor Heroes” in Guo Jing, there is a fragile heart, to each master there are ignorant Yu Tong, stupid is stupid, but better than the “self” powerful apprentice can teach. Which master is fool, fool would think now? On the other hand, which master is a smart man, know that this fragile heart is the most precious. In physics, there is a word called “internal stress”, when the object is deformed due to external factors, the internal force between the various parts of the object is generated to resist the effect of external factors. Everyone has stress, the stress is, the more closely guarded heart city, the lack of “fragile heart”.

This world is not a lack of stories, not lack of moving. What is missing is the action after the move. With knowledge, and no line, knowledge is always.

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