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There are Let the 2016 discount three bushes beside the cheap nfl jerseys enemy fields, and a colony of bees live in the bushes. The farmer felt that these dwarf shrubs were of little use, and thought that it would be better to cut down the firewood. When the farmer hands struck the first Bush, in which the bees besought him bitterly: “good master, you is to cut off the bush without too much firewood!

Look at us every day for your farmland pollen’s sake, please let us go home.” The farmer looked at the useless shrubs, shook his head and said: “without you, other bees will also spread pollen.”

Soon, the farmer would have nfl jerseys wholesale center destroyed the first group of bees. A few days later, the farmer came to cut second bushes. Then rushed out a swarm of bees buzzing to the farmer yelled: “cruel landlord, you dare to destroy our homes, we will never let go!” The farmer’s face was stung several times, he becomes angry, the fire burned clean bush.

When the farmer set his target in third bushes, the queen of the honeycomb flew out and said to the farmer, “wise investors, look at the benefits of this bush! You see the clump of yellow poplar wood is exquisite, timber later will sell a good price! You look at our honeycomb, we can produce a lot of honey cheap authentic nfl jerseys every year, as well as the most nutritious royal jelly, which can bring you a lot of economic benefits!”

After listening to the introduction of the queen, the farmer could not help swallowing a mouthful of saliva. He was willing to lay down his axe, and the queen bee cooperation, started the business of honey, a huge wealth, both to achieve a win-win situation!

In the face of a strong opponent, the three groups of bees made three choices: pleading, confrontation, win with the opponent, and only the group of bees to achieve the ultimate goal of the third. Commercial competition is benefit for the commercial as if a “zero sum game”, benefit means that his opponent is damaged, then the result is often a lose lose. In order to survive, companies must learn to win with rivals, the business competition into a benefit of both sides of the positive and the game”. With the opponent win, is at a lower cost in exchange for greater benefits, this strategy is similar to the game of abandoning single car, it should become the necessary skills of operators.

When I was a child, I heard a word, “seriously is not a crush.” That is to say, to do one thing to be successful, “like” and “enthusiasm” is far more important than “earnest” and “hard”.

For example: if there are also two players, one is Michael Jordan and the same height 198cm, are the same in physical strength, flexibility, responsiveness to various conditions on another player, and Maradona the same height 165cm, other conditions are the same.

If there are two sports nfl jerseys china for promotion – basketball and football that is good, no other special reasons, their interest in the two ball games are about the words, according to different conditions, we should encourage the 198cm to join the basketball team, the football team went to 165cm. But we are now the mainstream of education logic is not the case, it is thinking nfl jerseys online: which movement will be hot, let them go to do sports.

He said all the basketball team is good, the 198cm due to congenital conditions, of course very easily than the 165cm have better performance, it is easy to get a sense of achievement, thus entering a “passion” and “love” positive cycle.

165cm the result of that effort is not as good as 198cm, but the coach told him: “you do not work hard enough, you do not work hard, you are not serious enough.”

165cm who is more serious, more efforts, although progress, but it is often a greater setback. Made this could have become a star on the football field of the players, but on the basketball court frustration, frustration, self doubt……

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