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The vast ocean Don’t beat nfl jerseys from china, they recount free shipping yourself up all sorts of strange things, Nothing is too strange.. Mention octopus, but it is the ocean of a tyrant”. The octopus is extremely strong, aggressive, cruel and resourceful, many marine animal fear three. It is characterized by the fact that the body is so soft that it can almost be stuffed wherever it wants to go. Because it doesn’t have a spine, or even a hole in a silver coin.

The octopus is in the sea is and it has run amuck, special self-defense and attack the “magic weapon” inseparable. First of all, the octopus has 8 wrist touch sensitive touch wrist, each about more than and 300 cups, each sucker pull to 100 grams, sometimes the octopus can remove more than 5 times their weight, 10 times or even 20 times nba jerseys news the big stone. Think about it, no matter who caught it touch the wrist, it is difficult to get out of the. Interestingly, the octopus will love his body into the conch shell to hide and wait until the fish approached,jerseys different nfl color it will suddenly become a huge monster, launched a fierce offensive to fish, quickly bite their heads, inject venom, the paralysis to death, then a good meal.

The octopus is relying on this unique special skills, run amuck in the sea, no matter to the enemy.

However, the octopus is rich in protein, minerals and other nutrients, and is rich in anti fatigue, anti-aging, can prolong human life and other important health factors such as natural taurine, therefore, octopus seafood but rich in nutrients, but also have high value in medicine, is a very precious tonic.

At first, people in order to hunt octopus, have a tremendous effort, because of its invisibility too brilliant. Slowly, clever fishermen according to its specialty, worked out a set of easy hunting methods. They put the small bottle together with string into the sea, ironically, the octopus saw these crystal clear, smooth and lovely small bottles, to see the amulet, all fall over each other to drill, no matter how small the bottle, so narrow, they always toward the narrow road farther and farther, finally a dead end.

In this way, the fishermen as easy as blowing off dust, put a hand to catch octopus.

What is holding the octopus? Is it a bottle? No, imprisoned octopus, is their own, and it is their own shining specialty.

In fact, in this world, how many people like octopus, have an enviable talent, but not cherish, pretentious, stubborn, the imprisoned himself, ruined the future.

Go forward again, and after many ups and downs. A beggar came to a river, not a boat in the river. Call the son anxious, how can this do? How the past? Call the son cried and said, my life should be so bitter? Suddenly, the river a little turtle surfaced. The old turtle said people cheap nfl jerseys online, and asked to call the son crying here? The beggar told the story over again. The old turtle said to him, I have to practice more than 1000 years, as early as the Jackie Chan supposedly flew away, why is an old turtle? If you go to the west to help me to ask the Buddha, I will nfl jerseys with cheap price carry you to the opposite. Call the son is happy to agree.

The beggar and go do not know how many days, but I don’t see the buddha. The beggar wonder, in your mind, the Buddha in where? The West ordinarily should have arrived. The beggar was very sad, so he fell asleep. The Buddha suddenly appeared, the beggar is very happy, the Buddha asked, you are so far away from here, what is the very important thing to ask? The beggar said, yes, I’m going to ask some questions, hope can give me the buddha.

The Buddha said yes, but on one condition, you can only ask three questions. Because no one has asked more than three questions. Call the son promised, the in the mind thinks, I ask a few questions?

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