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Contemporary Ma master once said such a sentence, “the dream to have, in case to achieve 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys it?”This sentence has inspired many people with chest for women Strive online dreams, when we actively join the cause of eager for a fight fight, did not expect great hardship but as the shadow follows the form.This difficulty is: I have very hard, why can not see any effect?One, the direction is wrong, the more efforts the more confused.In recent years, I found a phenomenon, that is, the number of students to come to the accounting of the growing number of students, but I have to say is that not all people are suitable for accounting.

There is an old saying, “do not milk the rabbits”.

This sentence can be extended to a variety of interpretations, at the level of the dream, I think you can 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys apply this format for a statement, that is, do not expect the other people in the ideal soil to bear their own fruit.”

Remember last summer, here a exaggerated girl, when I went to school and talked to her for a while, originally she apply for a professional interior design, but her parents felt very strong, not reliable design, and that designers sometimes in order to catch working overtime is commonplace, so they think girl don’t live so tired, or for a safe work better.

My family think it is good for her to do accounting, so the side of the training class.

Through the chat, I found the fact that the girl is not at the stage of learning accounting. Because 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys the most critical issue is that this ideal is more like her parents’ ideals, not her active choice of direction.

So on the premise of the effort, how can there be the ideal result?

I later suggested that the girl back open and parents have a talk, tell their own 2016 nike football jerseys real learning state and inner thoughts, or if you continue to perform like that, but delayed their best youth.

There is a saying: “the direction is not right, you can never chase what you want, you will be confused.”

Two, vigilance ineffective efforts

1, do not indulge in the things that give you vanity.

School days in our class have a classmate write especially good-looking, in our opinion, such as slavery in his view not only the general copy is not bitter, but is also a kind of enjoyment.

This is not, he should love the books feeling, after each book will be copied to the book to the teacher, the teacher praised with nature to him, and called on our classmates to learn from him.

However, the word is particularly good to write good students, and later was a serious decline in 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys performance.

Many years later, we just want to understand, he writes good it can bring him great satisfaction, but because he is too easily immersed in this kind of satisfaction inside, so it will gradually forget why they rely on copying this thing.

Maybe he just started copying is to strengthen the memory, but apparently, may not have to strengthen the memory books by means of endorsement, also can achieve the same effect; also from the time point of view, China consumes a lot of his time, so they don’t have much time to review the problem, performance will naturally decline.

For this effort, my opinion is a result oriented.

If you aspire to become a calligrapher, then concentrate on calligraphy; but if you 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys want to improve performance, it can put the books aside.

2, don’t underestimate the accumulation and the success of previous efforts extremely hard and bitter, but do not take shortcuts.

There are a lot of people ask me, how to use the shortest time to become a financial expert?

In fact, I think a lot of people have heard of a theory called “ten thousand hours” theory”. That is to say, want to become an expert expert in the field, at least ten thousand hours to focus on unremitting efforts.

If you insist on this thing for four hours every day, it means to be 2500 days, almost 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys seven years or so.

If you are not among the seven years of continuous efforts, but often give their vacation, is a month long, then you can re calculate, how much of your years to reach the expected height?

We always love the envy of others, but don’t forget, others today seemingly effortless achievements behind, are without exception, after years of continuous efforts extremely hard and bitter. The reason why they do not preach, because in them, this effort is a normal life, they will adhere to the habit has been formed, such 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys as a day to eat and dress as natural.

3, do not in some trivial pursuit of perfection, to learn how to properly put down.

For example, early in the public, I spent a lot of time on fancy layout, also 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys used a lot of WeChat editor, but later I found it too much to take, because I was the original public number, ensure the quality and quantity of the article is my key, so I slowly put down the approximate demanding requirements for typesetting hand.

Now I have to find a spare time to help me with my assistant, typesetting, publish articles 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys and answer simple questions, but my main focus is on writing, readers should answer questions, occupation consulting and valuable interaction.

I remember the circle of friends, millet said such a sentence, the general meaning is 2016 cheap road nhl jerseys that you do not willing to give up the ability, one day will become

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