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I fear most Great wholesale price people mention the for cheap nfl jerseys loser words “successful”, a goose bumps. What is a successful person? Why are we so eager for success? Wulf Schneida wrote “the great loser” tells you that losers can be great.

Rommel is a very inspiring loser. He was a famous German in the world during World War II. He was a marshal of the Nazi army corps”. That year, Rommel in North Africa and the United Kingdom when the war, the German army is completely vulnerable, and the number of equipment and other aspects are far less than the british. Rommel just can use the elusive “blitz” skills but to a large number of tanks to the front lined up, light is this momentum shocked the British, in several times in the battle of the British had fled.

He is a great military talent and even his opponents are very admire. He led the British nfl jerseys news German Afrikakorps’ asses. On the occasion, the British press gave him a title: “desert fox”. Churchill also publicly praised the British Parliament: “Rommel is a great commander, even though he was very scared in the war, I still want to say!”

However, he was later transferred back to Germany, contrary to the views of Hitler on a lot of things. Later, some of his men wanted to launch a coup against Hitler, and Rommel did not approve of it. This cheap authentic nfl jerseys has caused Hitler of doubt, while he is ill do let him commit Dutch act. If only from the end, Rommel is also a loser.

However, this failure may not be the most pathetic, the book also mentioned a British chemist Rosalyn Franklin, she was only 37 years old when she died. We all thought that now, the double helix structure of human genetic gene is the James Watson and Francis Crick, Watson also wrote a book “double helix”, boasting of his discovery of how great, but in fact, Rosalyn Franklin is the real discoverer of the double helix structure.

Franklin is a very serious experimental data of the chemist, she used “X ray diffraction” nearly a year of experimental analysis, found with Crick Watson inferential model is wrong. Then she sleepless to continue to study, finally in July 1952 for the first time made a perfect X X-ray diffraction images. In this picture, we can clearly see the double helix of the DNA gene, the first to be shown and proved that the structure is real.

But the photo was taken to Watson by her colleague without her permission. Watson sees this photo it inspired his see light suddenly, the whole research. In April 1953, Watson and Crick in the journal “nature” published claims he discovered the double helix structure.

This is not to all nfl style jerseys steal it? Just as Bill Gate steal Apple or apple steal inspiration, inspiration for laboratory mouse. Of these, Franklin completely silently, without peace, until died of cancer in 1958. When Watson and Crick won the Nobel prize in 1962, on the contribution of Franklin did not mention, even later in the autobiography also constantly belittle her, said she was nfl jerseys from china just a “mechanic”, is a “bad hair, dirty clothes” woman, very short description.

In this world, we often think that many important and great things are made by successful people. Many successful people are just more cunning and ruthless instead, a lot of losers to extremely cruel and merciless, finally it is smiling.

What kind of person would you like to be? I believe most people still want to be successful. There are too many people in the world who are encouraging and teaching people how to be successful, but in fact, most people are just a loser in the end. So, instead of learning how to succeed, it is better to learn how to do a smile failure.

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