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One day in 1923 Vision determines nfl jerseys free shipping, Walter from china the future Islas Disney came to his uncle’s house. He is going to open a film and television production company, but there are some problems in the capital, he hopes his uncle can lend him a sum of money.

In order to get the support of his uncle, Disney promised, no matter how much money uncle, you can own a part of the shares of the company. This is a very tempting promise, but Disney’s uncle is not rare, he is a very realistic person, never make unnecessary investment. At that time, Disney has not yet become famous, but a young man with a cavity of blood, his company can support how nfl jerseys online long, no one can say clearly. Read on the part of relatives, he lent Disney $500, but on the condition that refused to buy shares, the return of cash.

Who would have thought that a few years later, Disney Company became a well-known US enterprises, especially the “Mickey Mouse series” and “Three Little Pigs” after the film, Disney fame, the company’s share price soaring. When Disney’s uncle either, if he had chosen the shares, at least he can have a $1 billion fortune.

Compared with Disney’s uncle, Hu Xueyan is a visionary person. At the age of 25, Hu Xueyan is a waiter Fukang bank. One day, he is drinking tea in the teahouse, listening to others talk, then, from the outside into a lonely scholar with his age. Although this shabby, sadly, but it looks like a man of remarkable jerseys nfl authentic Wholesale. Hu Xueyan always respected scholar, then take the initiative to rely on the past, and spoke to him.

Hu Xueyan in the conversation that the man’s name is Wang Youling, was born in a family of officials, but by his father’s generation on the decline, although he donated a makeyan Yun, but that’s just a name, and no real rights. This time he is to seek official rank via Zhejiang to Beijing, a real lack of. Unfortunately, all his money ran out, and his father also died in Hangzhou. Now he was penniless, unaccompanied, I don’t know what to do.

Listen to Wang Youling said, a pity arise spontaneously, Hu Xueyan is determined to help Wang Youling survive. In Hu Xueyan’s view, Wang Youling is not the common people, will be promising, if you can help him a helping hand, he will shed tears of gratitude and reward. However, he is a poor and blank man, where so much money to help him? Suddenly, Hu Xueyan thought he had just returned a dead accounts, a total of five hundred and twenty silver, now there was no one knows, as the money to Wang Youling and other emergency, he patched up a real lack of after the return, not the best of both worlds?

When Wang Youling took Hu Xueyan gave his five hundred and twenty drafts when he was incredible, moved to tears, said only one sentence: we cheap nfl jerseys meet by chance, why are you so good to me? There is a smile smile: friends, it should help each other, and now you have jerseys different nfl color difficulties, I am very sad, do not pull you, I can not sleep!

In fact, Hu Xueyan look so good, Wang Youling soon, he funded five hundred and twenty silver, when Zhejiang Liangtai jahzeiah success. Wang Youling developed, did not forget that Hu Xueyan help of grace, he took out a large sum of money, let Hu Xueyan open bank. Later, in secret to help Wang Youling, Hu Xueyan business bigger and bigger, more prosperous, in addition to foreign banks he also opened the blossom everywhere, many shops, business, medicine, food and other silk tea business, the personal assets of more than twenty million and two, can be described as fabulously rich people say: “no wonder then, must see the official” Zheng Guofan “,” Hu Xueyan “for business reading”.

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