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In 2011, the Be the largest discount 57 year old cellist Yoyo for cheap nfl jerseys of your life Ma, is an extraordinary year: the New York city will be a new road named “Yoyo Ma Road (Yo-YoMaWay)”, President Obama also personally for him to wear the symbol of the highest civilian honor Presidential Medal of freedom!

Yoyo Ma’s parents are graduated from the United States to the Chinese, in China and the street to do economic researcher. From the birth of Yoyo Ma, the parents for the design of the route of life for the Yoyo Ma: a good economic man! Yoyo Ma has not yet learned to speak, they have begun to recognize the number, so the first thing Yoyo Ma learned to say is not “Mom and Dad”, but “123……” When he was two years old, his parents began to teach him arithmetic. Yoyo Ma was in a type of effort, mechanically over his childhood. When I was in primary school, Yoyo Ma is the school’s “mathematics star”, in the math contest won many awards, Yoyo Ma’s parents, teachers and students are happy for him, but Yoyo Ma himself did not feel the fun.

One evening, the weather was nfl jerseys free shipping not very good, Yoyo Ma is afraid of rain on the way from school, from a very partial static path to run home, outside the old house in the yard, he heard a very beautiful music, the general water melody soon attracted Yoyo Ma. He stopped to look inside the yard, I saw an old man nfl jerseys factory supply playing the cello, the old violin was extremely intoxicated with the music and the body, gently shaking, Yoyo Ma in front of the screen can not help but sigh: “if I can play the wonderful music, the good ah!” At that moment, Yoyo Ma found that what he really liked was not mathematics, but music!

Before long, the old man found Yoyo Ma, he came to Yoyo Ma in the yard, after playing many wonderful songs, Yoyo Ma also talked a lot about music stories, all of this makes Yoyo Ma completely infatuated with music. When the United States is full of all kinds of training classes and remedial classes, interest classes, and Yoyo Ma’s parents put Yoyo Ma in a maths training class, but Yoyo Ma was not interested in here, he often truancy, slipped to the old man to listen to music, play the cello. It is not difficult to imagine, his math is on the decline, soon, his parents also found these problems, so called Yoyo Ma to him: “before things, then as long as you correct it, you must try to learn mathematics!”

“Why do you have to study math?” Yoyo Ma said, “I don’t like math!”

“Only if you are good at math, you can be a good economist like us, even better than us!” Yoyo Ma’s parents told him.

“Why do we have to go the same way as you? I think music is the thing that makes me happy, and I think I can do things I like better, so I will be more happy!” Yoyo Ma spoke up firmly. He felt that his own way of life must be to grasp the direction of their own, must not allow others to manipulate, even if the parents.

Since then, Yoyo Ma often went to the old man there to learn music, and soon after, his parents were finally moved by his insistence, for him in a music training class. Any person who is really love yourself once to start things, the progress is very fast, when graduated from high school, Yoyo Ma won the first prize in the Manhattan city school concert, and went to Harvard University. It was also at this time that his reputation for music grew larger, and many important orchestras as well as the pianist nfl authentic jerseys Emanuel? The music masters, including AIKE,nba jerseys news sent him an invitation to play and perform with him.

After years of continuous exploration, Yoyo Ma music on the road, the way forward, has been invited to the White House to play music, but also won the “Tang David Award” and “Grammy Award”, became a famous international music master! In 2006, Yoyo Ma was appointed as ambassador to the United Nations peace; in February 15, 2011, Yoyo Ma, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former U.S. President George Bush, “Warren” Buffett, received the medal of freedom by the president of the United States President Obama issued and put on the new self symbolizes the highest civilian honor.

That night, wearing the Presidential Medal of freedom after the incomparable Yoyo Ma said with emotion: “my life is only one master, that is our own, to walk in his own life laid on, must be the most happy the most achievements!”

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