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An interview You can’t cheap nfl jerseys, I and my free shipping hide in the excuses classmate Joe accidentally heard her experience. When we were in high school, the college entrance examination, the difference between the factor of the University and the university. The next two years, she attended the city’s most famous repeat classes, an examination of test, finally in third impact, a line of more than and 10 undergraduate.

It’s a pity that Joe had some mistakes when he volunteered.

Received the admission notice, she be startled at, but has not been able to save the province — she was a normal college admission, although she is the love of English majors, but the undergraduate scores on the nfl jerseys news college, her heart has not, “cried all the way to school”.

Joe didn’t play well in the interview that day.

After the introduction, the recruiter asked, why not have a copy of the English professional certificate four?

She muttered, slightly ashamed: “no.”

A 15 minute lecture, Joe was too nervous to slip a few authentic nfl jerseys When it comes to a point of knowledge, she first statement, after a few seconds, but also to overthrow the previous statement.

Don’t wait to see the final results, the examiner’s face, Joe knew the candidates. But she said: “all undergraduate students, I am a college student, would not have any hope.”

She didn’t wait until the results were announced. All blame that year…… If not……” I sit around and she encountered several people watched her, and sincerely as she had missed regret.

Later, I found her message from others.

It was a long time before he went back to school, “he said.” it took a long time to recover.

First, in college, because she is the first school of concern, but the anger and disappointment, “why is my” idea, let her talk to the students, teachers, addiction, in restaurants, bars.

May be found vent channels, may be found their new “flash point”, gradually, more and more people see her at the dinner, not the classroom, “she is my biggest drinker seen girls”, “others”, “Joe who can drink 6” second “, open close the boys all played down”.

Learn to give up. “When I see the book, I think it’s not where I’m supposed to be.” Qiao Zong says so. She was advised to change the fate of the postgraduate entrance examination, she was angry to go back: college has to work two years to test!

“If not…… I can……” In short, on the academic, since the summer was forced to break, Joe will automatically press the stop button.

I think Joe, because the old neighbour visit mentioned good-for-nothing son, east.

When the East is the object of our sympathy and admiration. When an accident, he lost his left leg. So, the parents gave him many peers privilege: pocket money most fraction is very low, temper is not It is without rhyme or reason. punishment, would have been happy nfl jerseys at best discount to coax……

Now, the East has standing, still eating the old home.

Parents do not want a way out for him, let him study the electrical repairs, he give up halfway; opened a small bookstore for him, a week has three or four days off — he wants to play games, sleep late.

“He’s not like any other kid.” The old neighbor sighed, “spoil him, spoil him and sent cheap nfl jerseys him into the big.”

“Blame me for this leg.” If you don’t go well, you get angry in the east. A recent fire, love is frustrated, so he forced parents more money, buy more real, “some people will not abandon my leg”.

Study, employment, business, and people…… In memory, all the things that he didn’t do well, he always felt.

Over the years, the leg became his excuse. His life was stolen by his leg, his leg is the reason for laziness. He hid inside, all unsuccessful, frustrated, not to become Joe as excusable, academic, then can be justified and sad to come to a standstill.

Just as there are those who suffered, “encounter” — people of one concept, all error attributed to it, is not responsible for, do not assume, even write your own destiny.

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