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Walking, talking Not a pair nfl jerseys, writing, this replica from china used to run is a cerebral palsy patient, has passed the honors of the Beijing Institute of Technology dr.. “A doctor of cerebral palsy is how to make?” Zhang Dakui from Henan, Jiaozuo, after the deeds of newspapers, Internet and other media reports, people are very shocked.

When Krishna was two years old, suffering from a disease, a fever of 39 degrees has come. His parents sent him to the hospital overnight, but the country’s limited treatment resulted in serious sequelae. Later, the parents took him to Beijing for treatment, but get a heartbreaking answer: “nuclear jaundice sequelae” cerebellar function are seriously damaged, exercise balance, muscle coordination function of large obstacles, commonly known as cerebellar paralysis.

Doctors told them that such a disease in the medical treatment is not a good program nba jerseys news, the only way is through their own exercise to restore some of the body function, in order to achieve self-care. Zhang Dakui would crawl on the ground before he was 6 years old.

But his parents have always believed that the expert’s judgment, has not given up on his training. At that time, is not so good today rehabilitation training institutions and help mechanism, Krishna’s parents created a special form of exercise. They like the parallel bars in the middle of the two tree tied nfl jerseys for sale two bamboo poles, and let his arms frame practice on legs. And later replaced by the rope, he often went to half got down on his knees, knees kepo don’t know how many times. He also thought of giving up, but parents always encourage him, only to strengthen training, the thigh can have the strength to learn to walk.

This way of exercise, do not know how many shoes worn. Krishna family is not wealthy, the mother can only buy him ten yuan a pair of military shoes. As he walks and keeping a balanced posture is only feet dragged, so a month basically to wear two pairs of shoes. When my father gave him time to change shoes, all sincere words and earnest wishes to say to him: “Kui, I can’t wear new shoes, take the old road. Not a pair of shoes is not used to run”.

Krishna understand his intention, he deeply remember this sentence. Whenever I was tired, tired, my mind will emerge out of my father’s words. After unremitting exercise, at the age of nine he began to learn to use crutches, able to walk independently.

Zhang Dakui grew up in the village, see buddy goes to school, he is also eager to learn more knowledge. My mother knew that he was very supportive. At the beginning, he even can not get good, let alone write in a book. The mother only taught him to write good, deliberately booked him in some of the book, and draw on the m word. So, Krishna life to a new step.

Elementary school, junior high school, high school, although not easy, Zhang Dakui still with a strong will to complete their studies, and in 2002 admitted to the Huanghe Science and Technology College. When he graduated from college, hesitated, is to continue to read? Or is it over? Because a lot of healthy physical education graduates can not find a job, not to mention he is such a special person, he did not want to give parents a burden. Father know his thoughts, enlighten him said: “Kui, you have to remember, we can not wear new shoes, take the old road. Not a pair of shoes is not used to run”.

Under the encouragement of his father, Zhang Dakui admitted to the school of computer science, Henan Polytechnic University, where he graduated from graduate students. During graduate school he was exposed to the more outstanding teachers and accept some authentic nfl jerseys scientific research and engineering practice under the guidance of their. This experience made him more aware of himself, especially when he knew what he wanted to do and what he could do. Not nfl jerseys for sale only did he learn to take care of himself, but he also had a bigger dream.

Zhang Dakui decided to kaobo. After many setbacks, he contacted the expert Professor Fan Xiaozhong Natural Language Processing of the Beijing Institute of Technology. After consideration, the teacher agreed to his application, but can not pass the exam, completely rely on their own. The teacher allowed fan, he spends all his time and energy into the pro forma. Through the written examination, interview, and a long waiting, all the way through, he finally became a doctoral student of computer science Beijing Institute of Technology.

Zhang Dakui created a miracle of his life, he was so unique way to move thousands of students, touched the world. When people appreciate his success, he often thought of his father’s words: “no pair of shoes is not used to run.”

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