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His academic The Nobel nfl jerseys for sale performance from china winner is bad is very stable, from the first day of school, always hovering in the last few. The whole school life, are not particularly good at the subject, so that this year the students interviewed him today, most people are not what impression of him is too common, performance is not good. Fortunately, one of the students still remember him – every time the exam results come out, his face is cloudy.

Primary school years, he was attracted to biology, and even have a thousands of caterpillar in the school, watching them into moths, which he regarded as giving the most special memory, only due to strong aversion to teachers and students at the time.

At the age of 15 at Eaton college, was reading a biology lesson, this is his most love course, but his biology scores ranked first in 250 male students, other science achievement also firmly bottom, students were ridiculed nfl jerseys free shipping as “science”. When the results of the discipline is the last one, but also dream of the future to do the subject of scientists, it is ridiculous.

His teacher gardham wrote a report: “I believe that he has supply replica nfl jerseys become a scientist, but he is now to see the performance, this is the very ridiculous”. The teacher felt that he could not understand the simplest biological facts, and continued to teach him that “it was a waste of time”.

Despite their poor performance, the teacher also insisted that there is no hope, but he did not give up, to continue their own ideas, he felt that even if they can not become a scientist, but also to meet their own interests.

When he graduated from University of Oxford, he was admitted to the Department of classical literature because of his poor grades. Admissions director to find him, told him that Oxford can admit you, but there are two conditions: first, you must go to school immediately; second, you do not learn the entrance exam subjects.

In other words, University of Oxford admission of his condition, is not allowed him to study biological professional, perhaps in the teacher’s view, with his results, really not suitable for scientists. It is better to learn all his achievements seem relatively good classical literature, which may be the teacher’s concern for a child, adhere to is important, but the wrong direction, will only make people more and more distant from success.

However, he still has a special liking to biology, learning a year of classical literature at University of Oxford, he applied into the biology department by the teacher again refused, the teacher heard his biological performance, not willing to join him. Although it is not believed, he still stick to their own preferences, the curve of animal studies, which has a great relationship with biology.

This time is not a teacher, even has to support his mother, she also opposed, in the mother seems to, the British classical literature, is the world famous professional, with such a good course not learning, choose a popular animal, or his poor grades of professional, is simply a crazy what.

He is a little stubborn, as in the past to insist on his own will, fail to beat the family, had to let his choice, get laid, he finally began largest discount nfl jerseys his research career love. After that time, he devoted all his energy to the study of biology, but he was too stupid”. A group of students, some of the business is booming, and some published novels, and even in the field of biological studies have a classmate out of the results, only him, or unknown, do not know what to toss.

Love interest, rather than performance guidance, so that he can withstand all the pressure, finally in the field of biology, 1958, cocoon into a butterfly in the doctor’s degree, he extracted nuclei from tadpole cells, successfully cloned a frog, famous, known as the “godfather of cloning”. After finishing a postdoctoral study in Oxford, he completed his postdoctoral research at California Institute nfl jerseys online of Technology. He has been working at University of Cambridge since 1971. Now, at the age of 79, he is still working full-time. In 2012, he won the Nobel prize in physiology for his pioneering research in nuclear transplantation and cloning”.

John Bertrand Gurdon, was the worst student, 64 years later, the same time to be recognized as one of the most intelligent person, he’s now working in the office of University of Cambridge, had also hung the teacher gives the most bad report, he told himself with this: in the face of love, even if the failure is not to give up.

Like, insist on fighting, even if you are the worst one, nothing to do with success, because like, is the best reason.

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