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The 13 year In another cheap price nfl jerseys old wants to be from china is wonderful a good doctor one day. Christmas day, she made a wish, hoping to have a complete human skeleton model. When he heard his daughter’s wish, he smiled and said nothing, but in the evening he conjured up a processed skeleton. The model uses a metal hook to assemble the human skeleton. It only took two weeks to completely remove it and then assemble it without blemish.

She out of the human figure in total love obsession, clutching a piece of bones, which makes her lose a lot of friends. Among children, few people love this kind of spooky things.

At the age of 19, enrolled at Hopki Medical College, although there is no actual Zuozhen in-depth study of experience, but the disease, Marie may not less than a few learning in medical college students of four years. Her special, let Hopki medical school decided to make an exception to allow a new advance with professors of research, to nfl jerseys online the Affiliated Hospital of medical college to examine, learning practical diagnostic technology and experience.

When someone objected, the dean said, “why not? Now that she has put in nfl cheap jerseys so much effort to reach her goal, we might as well make her a little faster.” However, during an operation, Mai Rui found herself yunxie. When the doctor saw cut wounds, blood gushed out, her limbs cold, dizzy, also did not hear what the doctor shouted, went into a coma.

He thinks he can’t stop there. In order to wash away the stigma, to make up for the defects, in private, she dissected frogs and rats in the laboratory. She put on dark glasses, to see through the red blood to ease their tension. But it also failed. She smell blood, there will still be Yunxie symptoms.

The school suggested that he transferred to the Department of medicine, which did not require contact with blood and surgery. But everyone ignored that medical patient has symptoms of hemoptysis. In the first rounds, she fainted again, let Mai Rui completely unable to grasp their own future. She downhearted, off at home, often in the bedroom for a day, even thought Dutch act.

Is your life over? She thought sadly. Grandma, who was very much in love with her, decided to talk to her. One afternoon, grandma took from the “National Geographic” carefully to find a stack of pictures, Murray came to the bedroom. She showed me the beautiful scenery one by one. She doesn’t understand what grandma wants to say to herself. The last picture, grandma stroked her hair, lovingly said: “silly boy, in this world, life is not only a way, as long as willing to choose another way for you, you can achieve the same beautiful, even more beautiful.”

Looking at her grandmother’s warm eyes, she cried.

After that, he chose a university jerseys for nfl sale. After graduation, she read about wholesale nfl jerseys Bobbi in the newspaper. The focus of the view is that Bobbi’s body is too stiff, can not move the joints, the eyes are not large enough, and we look forward to her more and more like a real person’s desire too far.

Suddenly, he remembered the bones of the human body, and remembered his accumulated knowledge. She entered the toy company, creatively invented the bone ring, let Bobbi doll close to real human, to give Bobbi a doll wide forehead, large eyes, all moving parts are more flexible. Bobbi quickly swept the world.

Mai Rui can’t imagine, that once stubborn oneself if insist on, what will be now. Now, she really felt in life really only one way, sometimes change a way, life is wonderful, can reach the top as a dream.

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