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Taiwan is a Do one thing shop for well-known playwright, director Li Guoxiu cheap wholesale nfl jerseys in life, in the ignorant youth, said to his father, Taiwan will only do Peking Opera boots who complained about this sentence: to make the shoes for a lifetime, also didn’t see you rich. Unexpectedly, Li Guoxiu Carter was scolding father: “your father and I started from the age of 16 as an apprentice, relying on the hands, your five children up to today, which one eat a meal, less wearing a dress? A person just do one thing, even come to a successful issue.” Unexpectedly, “a lifetime only do one thing, even come to a successful issue” this sentence, Li Guoxiu has become the motto of life.

A good thing in life, in the final analysis, is a kind of strength to focus on. In reality, we often praise the “Eighteen Wu Yi, well versed in” people often encourage young people to “more than body art”, who knows only to come to the end “everything involved, one flat” situation, leading to “the arts are more than their embarrassing cheap price nfl jerseys consequences.

The French writer Maupassant once said confidently in front of Gustave all style nfl jerseys Flaubert: “I am the morning of two hours to read and write, with another two hours to play the piano, the afternoon one hour to repair the car with a neighbor, three hours to practice football, at night, I will go to the barbecue shop to learn how to making Roasted Goose Sunday, go to the countryside vegetables.” After that, a proud face. Gustave Flaubert smiled and said, “I spend four hours a day reading and writing in the afternoon. In the afternoon, I spend about four hours reading and writing. In the evening, I will spend more than four hours reading and writing.” Gustave Flaubert then asked: “what is your specialty, such as what is the one thing you have done especially well?” Now, Maupassant can’t answer it. So he asked Gustave Flaubert: “so, what is your specialty?” Gustave Flaubert said: “writing.” The original specialty is to focus on doing one thing. Thus, Maupassant determined to worship as a literary mentor Gustave Flaubert, dedicated to reading and writing, and ultimately achieved fruitful results.

Focus on one thing, seemingly simple, in fact, is the determination of perseverance and perseverance. Success has a famous “twenty thousand hours” theory study, “after twenty thousand hours of exercise, anyone can become excellent from the ordinary.” as you can imagine, twenty thousand hours of exercise is long, boring, boring, and even despair. However, if the responsibility, interest as the driving force, the twenty thousand hours to live every day, as long as half an hour a day, an hour. No man can do it, success is not far away.

A person’s career and energy is very limited, the use of limited energy, limited time to focus on doing a good thing, it is possible to stand out from the crowd. In July 2nd of this year, the Li Guo amendment was done. “I just want to do one thing in this life, is” open the door, to show “,” practice this sentence, let him enjoy “Taiwan Moliere” reputation, who say that this is not the focus of charm?

There was an old lion who was sick. He was hiding in the cave. He was moaning loudly nba jerseys news. Some of the animals in the neighborhood heard the groans of lions.

The fox heard this news, also went to visit, go to the cave before, only to hear the old lion groaned louder and louder, very poor, when originally nfl jerseys supply center intended in the fox, suddenly ears have stepped into the cave to recover the forefoot, pacing back and forth in around the cave.

The old lion in the hole saw that the fox had not come into the cave, and could not help but ask the fox, “fox! Now that you are here, why don’t you come in?

The fox replied: “I saw some of the animal footprints to go, but can not see the footprints out, how dare I go in! ?

Revelation: “things fall into”, so they should train yourself to the environment observation, to improve the social sensitivity, meditation, can let oneself in an invincible position; being reckless as, is likely to be doomed eternally. Yourself at a disadvantage.

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