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One day, my Your cheap new nfl jerseys speech in the county from china you decide of Tainan city middle school, school teachers and students more than a thousand people, the auditorium was full of all. At the end of the speech, I said to the students: “is there anyone who would like to come to Taiwan to share their dreams with you?”

Among the numerous students, I saw a girl raised her hand and slowly walked out. But, I froze! Why? Because she is very short, short to be less than one hundred centimeters, but when I look again, oh, no, she is not short, but she has no feet “!

At this point, all the teachers and students are looking at the girl, wearing slippers with both hands, step by step to the stage, I will take the microphone to her! And she, suppressing the tension, calmly said: “my dream is nfl jerseys online that next year I will be admitted to a successful university! Now, my grades are not good enough nfl jerseys china for promotion, but I will continue to refuel……” When her words haven’t finished, the school has given her the thunderous applause!

At that time, I was moved! I have never seen anyone “have no feet, no lower body, with their hands to walk; and she is so brave, first hands like using my hands to break my body, a step by step to the stage.

A few days later, my website has a signature “Wang Xinhua” a girl said: “Hello, Dr. Dai, I don’t know if you still remember me? The day you to new high school speech, saw a girl walking by hand, is me! How are you? On the day you really impressed, because there are good hearted people who send me your works, I have seen, so that you feel familiar! I live in a family Hsinying raise, are free to visit……”

After a while, I drove down to Tainan Hsinying, find the “heart home”, also saw Wang Xinhua. Chat just know, nineteen years ago she was abandoned by his parents on the phone in front of her right foot, left foot; incomplete deformity, no anal. Later, after the four foot amputation and artificial anus and other operations, and now, has been walking on behalf of the foot.

“Now I have to do everything myself, take a bath, wash clothes, take the stairs, up and down the bed…… All depend on oneself!” In the bedroom, the nfl jerseys top quality heart of Hua said to me, but also quickly climbed up the floor of her sleeping.

At school, she took the school bus, but when it rains? She could not take an umbrella! I smiled and said to me, “I got out of the car and ran!” “Ah? How to run?” I ask.

“Run with your hands! The rain, run by hand, fortunately, I seldom get sick!”

Although the heart does not have feet, but she is now working hard to learn computer and data processing, but also every day happy, cheerful singing! She said to me, “as long as you don’t compare! I’m not going to be sad, I don’t think, ‘I don’t have feet,’ because I can walk with my hands! I want to be a singer or an orator!” In the past nineteen years, she has been living in the yard. She doesn’t know who her parents are. She wanted to know, but always can not do. Fortunately, however, the chairman of the board of directors, the Dean, the teacher, the hospital…… It’s her parents and brothers and sisters who live together harmoniously every day.

Go to school by bus, students will get her bag, let her hand easy to climb. “Sometimes outdoor teaching, a teacher of her slow, or lead to other people strange vision, so I suggest her wheelchair, but she said:” no, I want to go, how others see me not my heart, normal!”

In the breeding yard, I looked at the heart of China skillfully hand to climb the stairs is easy to turn on the TV, holding a microphone, singing a song in her famous song English. In school, she had to get the school singing competition third, also invited to the television station, to participate in the Champions TV show, the singing performance.

I see you always smiling nfl jerseys supply, very cheerful! I say.

“Yeah, that’s what people say. I’m optimistic! I want to be optimistic, the mood will be happy!”

As for the university entrance examination, Hua Hua humbly said that she was not good, but also to continue refueling! However, she said that no matter how the future, she never complain, she rely on their own hands to live! And she wants to find her own parents! She said: “I know that the chance to find my parents is very small, but as long as I have confidence, patience and perseverance, I may find. I decided to wait for a miracle!”

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