If God 2017 wholesale cheap nfl jerseys gives you a lemon

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In high If God 2017 wholesale school, he was dissatisfied cheap nfl jerseys gives you a lemon with the teacher’s discipline and repeated conflicts with the teacher. He was known as a fiend in human shape have neither learning nor skill. Rebellious personality he did not graduate from high school chose to drop out of school.

At the age of 19, he entered his father’s factory as general manager. But he studied very little and lack of management experience, always can not read the income statement. That day, he just went to the door of the financial room to hear someone whispered that his father, even the income statement can not understand when the general manager. His face burning, wanted to attack but thought, also, who call themselves no real level? Turned away, he decided one day to let them sincerely convinced. Next, he learned business management, while the strategic nba jerseys news transformation of the food factory. He decided to produce the processing of “squid flavor” to do domestic sales.

However, the day is not willing. Transferred to the domestic market only a year, he actually lost one hundred million nt. He dropped the “black sheep” reputation. Soon, he was suffering from all nfl style jerseys depression, people often feel pointing in the back. He often climb high roof, fantasy jump. At this time, the father always worried about him, said: “son, stay in the Castle Peak, not afraid of firewood! Life on the road, where there is no setbacks?” Look at the father’s head of the strands of hair, miserable he finally came downstairs again. The parents of patient persuasion, he walked slowly out of the shadow of suicide.

After three years of market research, he found that the Taiwan rice resources serious excess, Japan Gamigo business will have a huge space for development. Then, he confidently came to Japan Gamigo processing factory, earnestly put forward cooperation. Looked at the boy, 64 year old frame as president waved their hands to say: “thank you for your trust, we do not want to cooperate with others now.” He knows that this is the old president of the euphemism refused, because the other party is afraid of their bad reputation. Cheng Menlixue, only to stage a comeback. On a winter’s day in 1991, he carried the fruit again in front of the old president’s office. At this time, a staff as president there out of the frame. Staff told him that the old president just a nap, estimated that half of the time will not wake up. You can help him with something. He thanked him and sat down on the bench outside the door. The snow in the yard, triumphantly, let a person do not hit a shiver. He huddled shivering in the afternoon, as president of the frame of the door opened. He learned to visit himself at the door waiting for three hours, Jeong meter face ashamed to say: “young man, you seem very persistent! After cooperation, I only hope you take your career seriously……” When he returned, he said happily, “thank you, master, for your trust. As long as you can give me a chance, I will not live up to your.” He is modest and prudent and confident. This time, he finally obtained Gamigo manufacturing technology. On the road of business, he constantly strive hard. His company quickly became the Taiwan rice market big boss. Soon, he also took aim, Gamigo market.

He felt that the mainland market has great potential for development. Through various efforts, he entered the mainland and became the first Taiwan enterprises in Hunan. One day, he took part in the Zhengzhou rum and luckily received more than and 300 orders, he was a jerseys supply nfl center promising. But he did not think of is, with so many orders without a dealer to pay delivery. He was deeply confused. And what’s more, according to the orders produced by Gamigo appeared to be over the shelf life.

Careless move, but bring unexpected surprises. In order to avoid waste, he put the Gamigo food distributed free to students hurried home for dinner. He want to distribute advertising words created while with you, I am Wang Wang dajiawang. “He sings with cries immediately attracted many students, not long after, he brought the food will be handed out. People understand the situation, they say, this is really a madman. However, he did not hand in hand, but this free expansion to Nanjing, Changsha, Guangzhou and other places. The children are very happy, remember and fell in love with Wangwang gamigo.

Success always favors those who are prepared. Seeing the children eating and drinking, his face showed an unprecedented smile. After nfl jerseys from china planning, he in the food packaging affixed lovely Wangzai stickers, classic advertising words vivid “Wang Wang you I dajiawang”. In the end, he was put into production in the high return of 250 million yuan.

His name is Cai Yanming, now chairman of the Wangwang group. Now, “Wangwang” became known to every family food brand Chinese, also became a beautiful childhood memories of many people. And its owner Cai Yanming, after suffering became king of leisure food, and with 50 billion yuan of wealth has become the “2012 Hurun China, foreign richest.

In the forum, Cai Yanming said: “I did not say what the secret of success, there is a word” if God gives you a lemon, then do not be discouraged, must try to turn it into a cup of delicious lemon juice!” For us, why not? Is it far from you when you have the strength and courage to turn suffering into sweet?

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