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The greatest The china discount pleasure in life is doing what buy cheap nfl jerseys with the jam you love to do! And all the different school drama China students from Kent, the tall girl Kate, find a job soon graduated, is boiled in a jam pastry room. The West Point house owner is a living in Beijing for nearly 20 years of British old man, for many years to do bread, ten finger joints like overwork woman like out of shape.

When he heard Kate complained that Beijing can not find good breads are boiled jam, old hands spread out to her: “all our dreams and glory from the hands of the girl, why don’t you try homemade jam?”

Kate was surprised that she came to China because she was interested in the ancient drama literature. In the UK, it is also jam grandmother and moms, as for the more than and 20 year old girl, can remember in the gathering of friends before driving home to take a few bottles of blueberry sauce or orange sauce, is already quite good”. Jam? Kate blankly said: “in Beijing, a small box of organic blueberry to sell 15 yuan, only enough to do two teaspoons cheap authentic nfl jerseys of jam, the cost is so high, and to whom?”

The old man smiled and took out a whole basket of red, yellow, orange,nfl authentic jerseys green and fresh fruit for her to see: “Beijing has a delicious Beijing. Shanligong, crabapple, red apple, small pear, wild persimmon, these fruit are nature’s heart. How can you say, from the UK, can not take on the earth?”

Yes, from summer to late autumn, the jam is how a small day beautiful bubble ah, open 380 cherry, go nuclear, to get a bottle of cherry sauce, and for the 30 grain bonus small apple peel to the core, just enough to boil a bottle of apple sauce.

A pear aunt taught her to cook rock sugar pear sauce, said this is the solution of Qiuzao good stuff. This is a test of patience to boil: add a lot of sugar, but they cannot let a sugar stick out of the bottom of the pot, paste flavor, open fire boil so jam when only a candle head so large, constantly rotating pot, ensure pear juice has been a single vortex in the central open end; and to add a little the Yellow River melon cut into filaments, miracle, pear juice from light amber became Bi Yingying’s soft blue, green melon flesh not only for pear sauce increased soft and tough taste, the pear sauce has become particularly clear.

Of course, it is very bitter jam, boil when the apricot jam, Kate’s hands are dyed with apricot juice, pickled ache, like wearing a pair of yellow gloves; boil Hawthorn sauce to go nuclear, Kate’s fingers is scarred…… But what day, sleepless than the results of the morning boil sauce more delightful, jam with Chaoyang color, thick mellow, solemn and flowing into a wide mouth bottle, as if with love and miss, they end up with a cork stopper, Kate again give it with a “red scarf” — a piece of red cloth covered Beaming with Joy tight cap, by hand tied rope. Jam will set out, to comfort the hearts of the locals,nfl cheap jerseys especially away from the hometown of the students, so they can also taste the flavor of the mother. “.

Most students do not understand Chinese Kate’s choice, Kate overseas study, isn’t it good for future home, to become experts in one British Oriental Institute? Jam? What a waste of talent.

In this regard, the 23 year old Kate is explained: not every bit eventually are eager to become No. 1, for example, she read the book so many years, looked nfl jerseys online back and realized she did not want to stage the spotlight, sing the people do want to play, she wants to do, is in the corner, hold the huqin person carefree and content obviously, any one stage without musician, he is also one of the soul of a play, those jinjinzhangzhang running in the spotlight, can understand a person with only a bow, can control the rhythm of his life? She wants, nothing more than the most close to the threshold of the world into the play, but without the appearance of freedom.

The work of jam gave her the opportunity.

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