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“I have Cerebral nfl jerseys online depression, so go to die,wholesale center been hard to say there is no important reason, we do not have to care about my departure. Bye bye.” In March 18th this year, the Nanjing student “meal” issued by micro-blog, words on the first anniversary of the hanging of the dormitory. When Zhang Dakui saw her micro-blog in the dormitory, he lifted his hands, and knocked out four words: “try to live.”

The young man, who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy since he was two years old, was the nearest person to despair.

We can’t wear new shoes

Zhang Dakui’s body was slightly slanted to open the door.

Single room, light blue flowers, blue and green quilt sheets are well paved. Zhang Dakui buy cheap nfl jerseys said with a smile: “my grandmother told me that you have to fold the quilt, others will come to jerseys for nfl sale see you when you say:” Oh, this child walk is not good, the quilt was quite good”

In 1981, Zhang Dakui was born in a peasant family in Henan, Jiaozuo. A high fever, the country’s limited treatment conditions lead to serious sequelae. The parents took him to Beijing to seek medical advice, but get a heartbreaking answer: “nuclear jaundice sequela”, commonly known as cerebellar paralysis.

By the time he was 6, he could only crawl on the ground, and could not stand alone. “The main manifestations of this disease is the balance of motion, muscle coordination and other functions have a greater obstacle. The doctor told my parents that there is no good treatment in medicine, the only way is to exercise their own, restore some of the body function, to achieve self-care.”

No rehabilitation training institutions, also don’t know where to go for help, but Zhang did not give up.

At the beginning, Zhang Dakui’s parents at two trees between two bamboo poles tied up. From the scorching sun to the snow all over the sky, the young Zhang Dakui arms frame with the bamboo to squirm, sometimes crying to go “”. A few years later, his arms were so thick that he could finally walk with his arms.

But the world of a young man can’t always be between two trees. Suddenly one day, bamboo was replaced with a thick rope, bamboo is hard, can completely rely on; but the rope is not the same”. He is uncomfortable, often got half way to his knees, knees kepo don’t know how many times”.

When Zhang Dakui fell, parents rarely hand. “I want to stand up” is their pet phrase. Finally one day, and then fell to the ground kneeling, the child all style nfl jerseys did not feel the pain of the knee, but also immediately climbed up.

At the age of 9, Zhang Dakui created the first miracle: he can walk on crutches.

“To tell you the truth, I hate my parents’ cruel ‘, but now I am very grateful to my parents the good intentions of the year, especially for parents struggling to understand. What’s more, my parents didn’t give up my education.”

From the primary school, the child did not dare to drink more water in class, afraid of trouble when the toilet on the other children chasing the run, he can only sit on the seat alone. “I’m not smart, my body is not convenient, and I rarely go out to play or play, which makes me have more free time”.

He can afford to wear only a dozen dollars military shoes. “The feet dragged on the ground, so basically every month to wear two pairs of shoes.”

Every time his father put on his new shoes, they would say: “Kui, we can not wear new shoes, take the old road.” “I didn’t understand the meaning of the sentence, but after a few years, whenever I had my new shoes, I would learn to say to my father,” we can’t wear new shoes”

It’s not as difficult as you think”

Now a lot of people look at the problem is like a ‘one size fits all’, that I am very powerful, but I just do what I can do and should do, step by step, not as difficult as you imagine.” The white desk, spread out is Zhang Dakui are learning English textbooks, placed next to a few specially used for fluorescent pen calligraphy. He wrote a great book, special calligraphy. “If the word is too small, I can not grasp the framework, it is crooked.”

The speech when Zhang Dakui will add a speech gesture, soon somewhat inarticulate, not for a while on the forehead is a thin layer of sweat. A small towel in his hand, from time to time need to wipe. “Over the years, although the psychological and physical aspects of a lot of mature, but also participated in numerous examinations, but each examination is not a small challenge. After all, I want to give ordinary people several times to not necessarily get the same results.”

In 2002, Zhang Dakui participated in the college entrance examination with great pressure nba jerseys news. At that time, the sweat on the head continued to fall on the test paper, most of the papers were soaked in sweat. A test down, the two dry towels into the just like fishing out of the water. I can’t write faster, because the arm is illegible font will tremble. Sweat ink mixed together, roll surface is not clear.”

He chose a local private college – Huanghe Science and Technology College. When I participated in the college entrance examination, the vast majority of public universities are not willing to accept

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