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With a small beard, he was in his 30 years old birthday that day, suddenly realize.Realize,Put yourself down 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys this word, sounds very cautious. Describe it, is more like a natural instinct in architecture between imagination and reality, in a certain time, coagulation as a sharp knife, easily hit the soft underbelly of the ignorant to choose wholesale , the collapse of the past unwilling and confused. Mr. mustache in the 4A company for nearly ten years, with the head of the industry finally won a symbol of war in ancient China, on the battlefield of the flag pole.

Also written, also written, but also support in the end is a poor scholar? Probably when Mr. beard for four or five years, he began to think about this question, writing to his devotion and sense of achievement gradually worn, not that he did not love this profession, but in live, some are not willing to live desire will come from time to time his fury. Cubicle, and hot news can play fast and loose track chase, from Party A to be hopping mad masochistic numbness of the proposal, how many aircraft lost release, broken a few pills, trash computer under the table to clean up only Instant Coffee packing bag with the small Hu Zixian early enough of this day.

Write the word more attractive luxury advertising, or to a girlfriend can not afford to 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys buy hermes.

At that time the moustache Mr young, XinBiTianGao, a handful of other goat looks distinctive. In the 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys company, we are behind him as “not too good type”, hidden a pair of commercial good mind, but not the literati a proud, can project into his eyes, only a handful of. In addition, his temperament is free in the group, there is a good idea not to share love, when money trying to be brave, are full of extreme danger signal color life to things showing. Colleagues to him at a distance, to his to his strange, far.

Seventh years of the moment, Mr. small beard finally rose to the Department manager.

But it’s not a good thing.

Behind him proud always wrapped in a sense of fear, fear of fear among public, right, fear of commercial 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys trading, however, these are precisely the fear itself the biggest obstacle to prevent flight.

People are constantly destroyed and remodeling in the process of growth, to stop the enthusiasm, is a very dangerous thing. As a senior writer, he has long formed his own work routines, the lack of creativity and lag in the implementation of all Zhang Zhang marked the fact that he was quickly Out era. Promoted to department 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys manager, seemingly glamorous, but the overhead of the moustache Mr resources, most of the youth in writing supply craftsmen rather baffling become management — a watch, many furnishings in the tick, suggesting that the fate of enterprises still continue to move forward.

Mr beard is so love toss about the people, naturally unwilling to do so.

Sit in the huge open independent office, who came to the idea of Ten thousand steeds nhl jerseys for women gallop. ran out from the head, these years sporadic thoughts about “want to do and not to do” gradually series into a clear scroll slowly out before the reality. Stay comfortable, is mixed with food to die, leave it, I’m afraid is not a hail of 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys bullets. Mr. beard a little look, a bit at a loss, after all the well-known 4A company for many years, if the logical left, even the vase, is placed in the most noble era is the vase on the counter.

Self contradiction, the little beard to wait and see attitude, spent the most difficult year of the 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys career. Because the mentality is really bad, he did not have the energy to invest in the work itself, those everywhere in his fantasy, desire, and for the formation of new things curious, constantly eating the passion of his life.

This situation has continued until his 30 birthday.

From his company to help him with the party quietly back to escape, no candle and cake home, took out a long time did not move the pen on white paper, started down the night aimlessly write, just write. Unlike his young age for literature too obsessed and additional judgment, but also eliminate workplace behavior intention in 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys sensitive fingers, stimulating tactile memories, he remembered the cloud in hometown, first kiss, the hands of university teacher Yeats’s poems, and just work, as a struggle to release than small lit passionate, those of little importance in the years experience at the moment seems to sink into the hole, he drilled a new and familiar world. This is the place to go on his conscience.

The real insight is always happened between nature, don’t look around, don’t have to wait.

At a certain moment, the soul will be with you when the desire and the whereabouts of the 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys white horse hoof lights dripping, surprised, breaking the city border fantasy world.

Time, will eventually bring humanity to the proper position, or choose what we need in the moment is just a kind of mindfulness, a heartfelt independent deities. Handle the relationship between its output and storage, straight view, follow the things deep education itself contains weave, don’t try to resist it, making it 2016 cheap super bowl jerseys. Because, it will only make you farther and farther away from the real world.

Realized, everything is right.

Mr. little beard soon made the most crazy decision in adulthood, in the eyes of others, is about to retire

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