Life is supply 2017 wholesale nfl jerseys impossible choice

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Some students Life is supply 2017 wholesale ask Socrates the nfl jerseys impossible choice true meaning of life. Socrates took them to the edge of the forest. This is the season when the fruit is ripe, and the branches are hung with fruit.

“Each of you follow a line of fruit trees, from the head of the forest to the other side, each pick a piece of their own thought the best fruit. No turning back, no second choice.” Socrates said.

The students set out. In the whole journey through the forest, they are very carefully nfl jerseys online selected.

When they reached the orchard on the other side, the teacher was already waiting for them.

“Do you all choose to be satisfied with your own fruit?” Socrates asked.

The students look at me, I look at you, are not willing to answer.

“What’s the matter, children, are you satisfied with all nfl style jerseys your choice?” Socrates asked again.

“Teacher, let me first choice,” one student asked: “I just walked into the forest, found a big fruit. But I’m looking for a bigger and better one. When I went to the end of the woods, I found that the first time I saw the fruit is the best.”

Another student then said: “my husband and I on the contrary. I walked into the forest soon took off a I think is the best fruit. But later I found that this was better than I picked the fruit of the fruit is more. Teacher, please let me choose again!”

“Teacher, let’s choose one more time!” Requests from other students.

Socrates shook his head firmly. “Children, this is life. Life is a choice that cannot be repeated.”

In track and field, run faster is strong; in the examination, the score high is strong! However, track and field strength is not strong on the examination, the examination on the strength is not strong on the field! Therefore, the so-called “survival of the fittest” only describes. A part of the truth, this sentence is not the truth. If for this sentence, so that “weak” people nfl jerseys china factory a lifetime not out of the day! In fact, “weak” or “survival of the fittest”. The

In the nature of the jungle, if they know what is strong, which is weak, which is what others is strong, weak, and cleverly avoid to have weak to face others, actively to have to face the strong weak; if can flexibly use the third strong weak relationship with others and nfl jerseys news to make up their own “weak”, or to avoid violations of others “strong”, then you are a “strong”, rather than “weak”! ”

You know, life is the result of many tragedies do not understand themselves and others where the strength, and do not know how to avoid the.

Life motto: when a person is unable to adapt to the environment, then failure and destruction will always be with you. On the other hand, you can gain the success and perfection of life. In a word, the survival of the fittest.

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