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There was a young I am my nfl jerseys free shipping farmer who hated own savior the life of farming. Then, he discarded the original Tian Yuan, came to the city alone. However, because he had neither knowledge nor skill, and even lost a leg in a car accident. Half a year later, he has not found a suitable job, and the money he had spent, and finally had to become a beggar.

The day has become a beggar farmer heard people say that the city lived a mysterious man, as long as the sincerity to meet him, the wise man can give others a secret to change the fate of.

So, the farmer after a long time to find, finally found the wise man. The farmer came to the home, the wise man did not see him as a beggar in rags and wholesale nfl jerseys treat him. On the contrary, he politely asked the farmer to farmer and personally to pour a cup of tea. Then he smiled and asked, “what can I do for you?””

The farmer was very grateful to the wise man’s respect, and quickly said cheap nfl jerseys online: “can you tell me a secret to change the fate of it? I want to be rich.”

After listening, the wise man asked with a slight doubt: “then you can tell me, why do you become a beggar?”

“Because I’m tired of farming, I hope to find a way to get rich in the city,” he said.”

The wise man asked, “why don’t you come back home and start over?”

The farmer whispered: “now I have become a beggar, what about going back? How humiliating!”

The wise man asked, “what else do you have in your family?”

The farmer replied, “except for me! Is a few acres of land has long been deserted.”

The wise man nodded and said, “these two conditions are enough to make you change your destiny. You go home.”

Then, the wise man gave the farmer a pack of seeds, explained: “when you pull a wagon of petals, I can tell you a secret alchemy, which is the necessary introduction of petals.”

The farmer left many thanks a dwelling place, and do not hesitate to return to the countryside. He did not know how to work hard, and the barren land was reclaimed by him. Then, he put the wise men gave him the seeds sown inside.

The first year, he only got a harvest of petals, because he left most of the flowers mature. Then, continue to expand planting.

In the second year, the farmer gathered a full cart of dried petals, and came to the city. He once again found the wise man begged: “the introduction, I have to get, you can tell me the secret?”

The wise man looked jerseys different nfl color at the well – arranged petals of the carriage, and said in surprise, “this is the gold that you have made!”

Originally, these petals are valuable Chinese herbal medicine. A wise man let him sell some city. The medicinal herb to see the farmer planted a good quality, but the price is cheap, have signed a supply contract with him.

Before leaving, the farmer nfl jerseys online took out a lot of money, for the wise men, but wise men were declined.

The abnormal gratefully said: “thank you, you changed my life, you are my great benefactor ah!”

The wise man smiled and shook his head and said, “don’t thank me. Thank you! If you don’t work hard, who can save you?”

I am my own savior. Qiurenburuqiuji, some people will only ask out and do not know, seeking inward, why far away!

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