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After the A change cheap price completion of the creation for nfl jerseys in life of God, he intends to arrange a king in each species to assist himself in managing the affairs of his species, so that each species group can develop and progress together. With this idea, God gave the king the right to vote for all members of each species. Thus, the survival of the fittest and the hero stand out. The lion is in the animal kingdom stand out of the hero. The lion has tasted the wild pleasure of conquest, and has suffered the humiliation of being conquered by other elves. In a word, the king is God, or you will lead, or you will be led. The secret of the king’s own election as a king is not understood by the elves.


An epidemic of wanton spread in the animal kingdom, countless animals died of the disease. Lion King of animals held an emergency meeting.

After listening to all kinds of animal to report the situation, the nfl authentic jerseys lion said: “the animal kingdom is now suffering, there is certainly who offended god. Now, let’s reflect on what we’ve done. No matter who, as long as it violates the nfl jerseys news precepts, we’ll use it as it sacrifice to God, beg forgiveness.” Everyone thought it was reasonable and fair, so they agreed. First, the meat eaters speak of their crimes. The lion said: “I have not, the first two days I saw an injured zebra, grabbed it to eat.”

Ruled that the fox immediately said: you are the king of predators, eating meat is understandable, and zebra injured, you just let it out of the pain.”

The next predator turns in to account for his own minor errors. The fox cutting said, what they do are not enough to provoke god.

Turn the herbivorous animal, the donkey said: “I honestly see the tree green shoots a few days ago, could not help but eat some, in addition, I have always said the fox to remain in a proper sphere!” immediately after: “you are herbivorous animal, grazing on the line, is to grab a bite tree in bud food. The tree buds must have been particularly hard, that is, your actions are contrary to God’s arrangement.”

The carnivorous animals, headed by lions, offered to kill the donkey, to sacrifice to God, and to express the repentance of the animals. After the ceremony, the donkey became the lion’s mouth.

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The rules set out by the strong will certainly ignore the interests of the weak, or it can be said that its own intention is to bully the weak. Right in the hand, even if again, compassion is a fair and reasonable and treaty paper words, and even become the weak judgment.


A lion caught a mouse, and the lion could not bear the mouse’s request and put his mouth to mouth. The little mouse had said: “there’s a chance I will repay you.” The lion said, “what can you do with a little mouse?” the lion fell into the trap of the hunter’s design. When life and death, a member of the little mouse led it to the family, cut the tear giant net rope, so the lion escaped. Share message:

Do not despise the vulnerable groups, each elf may become the important person in your life.


The lion to dominance, ready to open up their own territory, they decided to war with neighboring countries. Before the war, it was held at the Royal Military meeting, and sent a notice to all ministers of animals, according to their strengths for different jobs.

The elephant carrying military supplies, bear assault battle, when the staff is full of craft and cunning fox, monkey spy behind enemy lines. Animal advice said: “the donkey away, their response is too slow, and the hare, they will shake the morale of troops.”

“No, I can’t do that,” said the lion, “I will use them, and they will play a crucial role in the battle. The donkey can make our a decree issued by it will make the enemy tremble with fear; hare run fast, can do liaison and correspondent on the battlefield.” The animals thought the lion king was very reasonable. Later in the war, it is true that each animal has played the greatest use,jerseys for nfl sale achieved victory.

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Each species is not the same, the strength of the common found in each of the advantages and strengths of the elves, and then let them go to the most suitable position to do the most suitable for them to do things.


A very hot summer, the lion and the mountain pig because of thirst, and came to the water at the water. In order to get the first chance to drink them up, playing tired to breath, looked up and saw a lot of vultures circling in the air, ready to eat the defeated party. So the lion and the mountain pig no longer fight.

“We are with vultures or eat crow, as well as good.”

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This is a cooperative nfl jerseys from china alliance by winning era, instead of killing each other, both together and to better deal with the common competitors.


The lion and the fox agreed to hunt together, and to divide the prey. The lion thinks fox, clever, and quickly find the capture target together with their teeth and claws. Certainly, into a disadvantage, so readily agreed.

For the first time, everyone went out, but did not find a target. The two foxes complained to the lion, “Oh, it must be your way.”.”

The lion thought very reasonable, asked: “what should I do to solve this trouble?”

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