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The great decisions Auction your nfl jerseys for sale of life are determined free shipping career by the mind, like a pre calculated frame, waiting for your sign to run. If you want to change our destiny, please change your heart. My friend took part in a very special lecture and gave me a detailed description of it.

She said: the lecture is called “auction your career”. Foreign teachers give everyone a piece of paper, on which several print ten lines.

The teacher picked up a small nfl jerseys online hammer and said that I was an old hammer in my hand, but today it has some kind of authority to act as auction hammer. The thing I want to auction is the life of all of you here.

The teacher said, I now give one thousand yuan per person symbolically nfl jerseys supply center, on behalf of your life time and energy. I would like to put the pieces of paper on the situation, cut into pieces, one by one, which is tantamount to the beginning of the auction. You can use my own savings to buy my possibilities. One hundred dollars from the call, welcome to bid. When I call three times, no one will pay a higher price, the hammer will fall, this career is yours. Note that I said is the possibility is not really true, it means you got nine hundred and ninety-nine yuan over the house, but it does not mean you really own a piece of Paradise like villa, just say you will be a lifetime of effort to fight for their own. I believe that as long as you do your best, the goal as a whole career support point, the possibility is very large.

The atmosphere in the classroom, after some commotion sedimentation of the game, a component, it is complicated to our life, and to visualize the spell of this life, what do you want?

The teacher raised the first item with a small island, starting at one hundred yuan.

All silence. An island, where is it? In the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere, the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean? How much is it? What’s the population? Is there any oil or coral reefs? Mood phrase

Doubtful sound fame, we urgently hope to provide more detailed information about the island, about the local customs and practices, the teacher face respectfully, firmly holding the piece of paper, refused to make further explanation.

So, we understand. The island is a small island, the unknown ordinary life, are you willing to do to win the bet, the ocean green? Finally, a normal love adventure, full of vitality of the girls, loudly shouted the first auction – I two hundred!

A boy is almost unconsciously reported: five hundred! His mind in that moment is very simple, to buy such things on the desolate island, is Wholesale nfl jerseys authentic the man doing.

But that is not tall, but the will of the girls will be determined, she rose red face, suddenly shouted out…… One thousand!

This is the price, and everyone has only one thousand dollars in reserves, that is, she has set a lifetime of effort to win the island’s determination. Other people can only dream!

Some of the boys said bitterly, bidding should be a little rise, such as her to six hundred, I called seven hundred…… This also gives others a chance.

The teacher smiled calmly and said, we are just symbolic of the auction, so may be irregular. Keep in mind that life is a battlefield, and if you have a firm commitment to your goals, lock it up. The opportunity as lightning feathers.

We understand the fierce competition, quiet have hidden urgent and vague hostility.

The auction of second is beautiful or handsome virtuous wife learned her husband.

I thought that this will lead to fierce bidding, I did not expect a moment of a deserted house. Perhaps because it is too traditional and ancient staff,nfl jerseys different color attracted by other more exciting career, we do not want to just opened soon, his life tied into the arms of a partner. Fortunately, the United States and the United States, and ultimately have a strong appeal to the people, in the case of competition is not fierce, was a mild man to seven hundred yuan to buy.

To take “inexhaustible credit card”, caused an unprecedented fierce competition. The wise man has discovered that the items listed, some of which overlap, can be replaced by each other. The students whispered with a credit card, not wealthy wealthy, is not tight, want to do what, as well as exploration cable material? So credit card has become the most resilient and hot potatoes. A cheap price for nfl jerseys seething, finally being a female captives in weight around courageously. The auction, then it can be said to be signs of danger appearing everywhere, some large exposure of personal values or secret. The eyes of the people, a very shy boy, take the world free travel ticket, let people sit up and take notice. Who is the woman in the divorce, choice and lover rove all over the world, so some people secretly speculation, whether she had loved? A deft hands and feet to help students actually chose diligent and faithful servant, let all surprised, fine pondering, but he can calculate when a diligent person, has tired, but unable to get rid of the conventional image, out of psychological compensation, simply all bought for another command. Once the choice behind the chewing flavor, he slightly sour. Youth inspirational

A love to drink at Tongren, bought the “35 friends”, let me stand in imagination.

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