Can’t be wholesale nfl jerseys from china cruel to you

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When my brother Can’t be wholesale nfl jerseys went to Beijing for from china cruel to you the first time, he was the same age as me. In the eyes of their parents, 17 years old, is only a child, but also did not even out of the county train has not seen the rural youth. Mother will call me and say you come back to pick him up, it is not assured, so big Beijing, lost how to do? I think of so many years, a person walked through the road, very firmly refused to fall. I said what is not assured, a boy, even the road will not go, admitted to the university what is the use?!

My brother to me, is very unhappy, but can only rely on their own. I can imagine him from the county to the city by train, and the train station ticket in the strange even do not know where to buy all sorts of difficulties, but I just told him a “mouth” under the nose, they hang up the phone. The train leaves at 12 in the evening, afraid of dark people scrambling, mother five hours in advance will drive him to the station. He was carrying a large bag nike nfl jerseys top quality , in the train station waiting room to sit outside the lights are dark, and finally could not help but give me a call.

I hear there is almost brother in a whining tone up around a few old around him around cheap price nfl jerseys a small bully, he asked: what is the police station?! See you at the station tomorrow. My brother also threw a loud to me: you do not have to pick up the station, you do not have to ask! I said, well, I just have something, then we see the university. I heard there holding the phone, noisy sound, cry brother whispered, there is a moment of love, but think that a few years ago and rebuffed everywhere to find the road everywhere, still hold, gently hang up the telephone.

My brother is a shy boy and a few words of Mandarin, said badly, sweep the eye, knew it was out in the country that had a teenager; should also like me, don’t know how to use the word respect, ask for directions are annoying. He alone on the train, do not know the toilet, the water can not drink. Is not willing to spend money on children, eight hours by car, he only ate a bag of instant noodles two. After getting off the stream of people do not know how to walk, be coerced, actually even can not find the exit. Finally came out, all the way to squeeze the bus, did not hear the name of the station, took the station, and returned to. When I saw my smiling face in front of the University, his tears came out. Looked at the thin young, chapped lips, hair fluffy, face sweat, forehead not a slight scar is cut, I finally put down the heart to her, give him a warm hand, say, Congratulations, can finally come to Beijing alone. Life sentiment

When I left, left him only two months of living expenses. I saw him standing in a lot of well-dressed students in the group, because the simple but seemed so lonely and lonely, like how I entered university I, because the humble, and inferiority. I smiled and said that Beijing is cruel, but also tolerant, as long as you work hard and you will be like a sister, so that their own support. I know young brother, for this sentence, do not have too much understanding, he is so sad, why love his sister, to be in Beijing for a few years, he became so be beneath the human character?

A month later, my brother called me and asked me to find a part-time job. I said, your classmates also have sister can find? He is a sensitive boy, did not say what, he snapped off. Suddenly, the mother will fight over long distance. She was almost angry to say that you do not give him money, even if the work is not to help find, he is a person in Beijing, and so small, do not rely on you can rely on who? I don’t know how to explain to her mother, to make her believe that I’ve tasted bitter, he should be able to eat, because we are out of the village children, if not their own way out of poverty, will all hope is extinguished, and left the infinite fear. DJ hi hi

In the end, I promised my mother to help my brother. But he just wrote a letter and told him all the way to collect part-time information. I spent supply replica nfl jerseys four years in the accumulation of priceless wealth, and finally let the younger brother after a week, found a job in the magazine to do a part-time job. The work is not so easy, the money is not much, but can always maintain his life. After I got his first paycheck, I went to him for dinner. He nfl jerseys news carefully will use the money is good, the rest, only in the school cafeteria meal “gift”. But I am still very happy, not to boast of him, he looked down and not words, eat for a long time, he is like a grain of sand spit like spit out a sentence: my classmates are poor, so hard to feed themselves; others are chatting on the Internet, I have to stay up late to watch the manuscript; and so little money. Even you are not to pay a fraction of. I laughed: poor what I used to be laughed at, because losing 50 yuan of money, I cry in the dormitory for a day, nobody knew that I was a month of meals, and I, inferiority complex, reluctant to borrow, still can not resist hunger, to my help. People in the school cafeteria without pay, but I have a meal. You in front of the reality, if you do not have thick skinned, is not even the energy to walk.

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