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As Jackson Zen wholesale once went out preaching, after nfl jerseys china master a mountain road, suddenly a lot of bandits, holding a sword for money to him”. Empty also see the monk, don’t feel down tears. A bandit is also bearish Jackson cried, laughed: “such a timid monk.” Inspirational signature

As the master said: “you don’t think that I was afraid of your tears, and I was away. I just think of you these young and strong people, have the strength and not for social work, serve the people, but every day in this raid homes and plunder houses. I think of your sins, for the law of the country, the moral of society, and in the future will fall into hell to suffer from the three TU, so you worry and shed tears!”

The robbers listened, finally abandoned the greed and hatred of the heart, and to empty the seat of jackson. DJ dance

Tears, tears of sorrow, tears of joy, tears of movement, and tears of compassion. And the tears of the Zen master are the tears of mercy. Compassion tears from compassion Zen Mind, is bandits, before the crocodile nba jerseys news tears, will carry under the hatred of evil. There is no Zen people, and with compassion jerseys supply nfl center and mercy tears to wash with the crime!

Words of wisdom: AC father Nicola Tesla said that human beings can direct and small particles of electronic direct communication consciousness. Modern quantum mechanics also proved that electronic tiny particles and human mind is interactive and corresponding with the close relationship. Mr. Enomoto Katsu has also used a lot of experiments to prove that human consciousness can change the structure of water molecules. So if we really think of what we are thinking about, the world around you at the same time, but also with the corresponding changes in the secret, not to mention the sentient beings of the heart? If you want to change the world, it’s not true!

A friend called Ding Ding in Beijing opened a shop selling clothes, but the business is not good, a large number of goods can not sell pressure. Ding Ding to Bao Zhengzhong for help how to deal with these clothes. Bao Zhengzhong listened to her story, “Ding Ding” just purchase shop too much, but her shop has not caused the attention of online shopping, Bao Zhengzhong advised her nfl jerseys top quality to try to stall. The Zhengzhong “attunement”, just one night, “Ding Ding” in the stall sold more than and 10 pieces of clothes. The user also became Bao Zhengzhong’s fans”.

Gansu Shandan a named “old Geng” the netizen is unemployed at home, see Bao Zhengzhong’s post, from hundreds of miles away in Shandan County went to Lanzhou to ask Bao Zhengzhong “business”.

To help users, Bao Zhengzhong never stingy. He said: “my business is eight words: good friends, puerile.”

A small stall at Bao Zhengzhong are familiar, they mention Bao Zhengzhong couple, thumbs up: “the couple firm, to buy something!” said Bao Zhengzhong, a careful wife will remember those who have bought something customers again at will make some profit; if the customer requests a replacement, they are generally not when a customer buys something rejected; the package Zhengzhong will directly tell them what clothes are what defects; in the night Zhengzhong packet streams of people busily coming and going, will remind customers, be careful to find the thief thief; he will start to the customer, out loud to stop……

It is relying on these small details, the new customer has become a repeat customer, back to become a good friend.

“Our profits are under 30%. Cheap, sell more, sell more to make money.” Bao Zhengzhong said that if you rely on profits to make money, it will not be long, only a hammer sale. Small venture capital projects, “reasonable price” has become the Zhengzhong package vendor of a gilded signboard in one year, and in their small stall nfl jerseys factory supply on the total shopping more than 5000 yuan more than and 10.

“Honesty is a treasure, small cheap authentic nfl jerseys secret. Stresses integrity, profit margins, customers, customers can sell more, and then the profit can be thinner……” Small venture capital projects, Bao Zhengzhong said, from the beginning of Liantan, their profits increasingly thin, but money is more and more.

Venture capital projects: “a little emperor” unremitting self-improvement

“A God” Zhengzhong package post was posted on the Internet a lot of users sought. In a website, his posts up to about one hundred thousand times. He set up 4 QQ chat group was also added in a short time filled with friends.

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