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Life can Flowers for nfl jerseys china always be self purification for sale the Buddha Buddhist of mind, why wait until when? Why must be in what kind of space?There was a very devout Buddhist, opened up a garden at the back of the house, all kinds of beautiful flowers planted, to some sent to the temple for the Buddha every day.

One day, he met the abbot of the temple of Zen, give it to Jackson, Jackson is very happy to say: “you flowers every day for the Buddha’s kindness knows no bounds! Buddha said: to the pious pure heart to flowers for the Buddha, can generation after generation body is solemn.”

Scholar said: “I am not what, just finishing a day of flowers sent to the temple for the Buddha, feel very quiet and cool, this is my reason to love for buddha.” DJ dance

The master said, “yeah! Nothing is to be found, and the present is pure!”

Upasaka said: “every time I come to the temple will be very happy nfl jerseys at best discount, the heart is also very clean. But when you get home, you have trouble. With what method can let the heart clean?”

He asked him, “do you know how to keep the flowers in the vase?” Lay the answer, change the water every day, and cut off the rotten branches, can keep fresh flowers. Youth inspirational

“Yes, the purification of the soul is the same reason. Adjust your attitude at any time, the heart of all kinds of pollution trouble removal, in order to make constant quiet heart.”

Upasaka said: “if I can put down everything, often stay in the temple to learn Sanskrit chanting, I do not know how good! So you can not afford to heart trouble, permanent peace.” Sanmao classic love quotes

Jackson said: “in fact, the breath is nfl jerseys china fine, the pulse like daily call to religious life. As long as always carefully adjustment chaos, all the supply replica nfl jerseys earth realm is beauty, all sounds are pure and fine!”

Words of wisdom: life can always self purification heart, why wait until what time? Why must be in what kind of space? In the quiet place is easy to make the mind calm, but things in life in nine out of ten in daily life, if not to sharpen their own heart, the heart open kind, then, a little case of things, will lose the mind

Remember last night to go to the mountain to see the sunrise with friends, listen to them talk about their life before, to understand whether the surface how happy a good person, a person no matter how bright and beautiful appearance, have their own heart and bitter past. As a youth is doomed to wandering and displaced, those tears of suffering, there is always the past day, who had not bitter youth? Inspirational signature

When a person is twenty years old, except for the few remaining youth what are not, but you have a few youth can decide you into a what kind of person. What kind of person you will be in the future is what you want in this stage. A person can go to a few want to go to a place, you can see a few memorable scenery, can read a few words to change your life, but also how many unforgettable travel experience. The world so many things that can not be satisfactory, say to them a fuck you, and then continue to strive to do their own thing to do.

Like Eminem sings, I cannot grow old here. I want to be old, do something to smile at the age of 80.

I think, the best way for largest discount nfl jerseys a person is to calm down, even if a person’s life, across the city, one by one after another street,nfl jerseys news looking up and down the sky, witness time and time again. Then the others question you, you have to say to yourself, although every step is very slow, but I never retreat. Good lies


While I was writing about the trip to Barcelona, it was like a distant dream, as it will never come true. However, but secretly determined to go down, why do not want to go to the place, do not want to wait until the future can not move the old thought to go? A lifetime of youth so short, why not go crazy to love to waste, to travel to experience to believe. At least no one can take away our freedom to dream.

I never think that people grow up in order to prove the unrealistic and naive before, but it will let you know that dreams are used to achieve, but too easy to achieve, it is not called a dream.

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