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Original title: female passengers beat the driver after the brain NFL Jerseys wholesale video crazy pass

(reporter Ding Yu) at noon on February 21st, Female passenger bus ride over the wholesale nfl jerseys refuseda female passenger in Baoji because of the car missed the station, she asked the driver to stop a local Kang was rejected, then beat Kang a brain, resulting in a normal drive kang. Currently, Baoji City Public Security Bureau police station has been investigated ginger.

Yesterday, a female passenger on the driver of the video widely spread in the network video display, cheap nfl jerseys asking a female passenger sitting behind the driver’s driver, at first they are talking and, but the driver refused to stop, the brain after the female passenger suddenly from behind the driver’s hard to beat.

Yesterday, the China Daily reporter contacted the driver kang. Kang introduced he Bao Yun Group Fengxian Branch driver, the incident on February 21st at 2 pm, he was driving the car to the Qing Jiang Lu class.
“Because there is no psychological preparedness, just feel a bit muddled head, unconscious state!” Kang said he was hit immediately after the female passenger, car brakes, and let the other driver in the car to drive, they also reported to the police.

Kang said, he is not to embarrass the female passengers, because according to management regulations, the bus stops can reach the city respectively, and the 409 Hospital of Fort Yimen Po bridge, when traveling to the 409 hospital, he and the crew several times to inform passengers, the 409 hospital is the last station, the next stop is the passenger station the results after 409 female passengers asked to get off the hospital.
Kang said, police station arrived at the scene, he and female passengers back to the police station, because of the nfl jerseys online physical discomfort, the police let the female passengers take him to the hospital, but fortunately the preliminary examination by the hospital, the body does not matter.

Female passenger took a stand to shoot the driver’s brain, passenger transport company: female passenger excesses!

Bao Yun Group Fengxian branch chief of company safety department Qiang Tao said, after the incident, the company attaches great importance to the leadership, also immediately rushed to the car to Baoji to deal with the matter, the understanding of driver restraint Kang was passengers after the beating, and in strict accordance with the company’s regulations, a dispute with the passengers.

Strong Tao said that this female passenger behavior is too extreme, for their own needs, regardless of other more than 20 passengers on the bus safety, if the improper operation of the driver, then the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate.

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