Winner of the nfl jerseys China foundation to help athletes in sports

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Champion of the foundation for the Winner of the nfl jerseys China support of people in the Olympic Games thanks to the Paralympic Games champion Sun Changting on behalf of our 52 champion committee members to Taiyuan to encourage young men to look forward to the early rehabilitation of TOYOTA,foundation to help athletes in sports.

Ma Fengtian is an athlete of Shanxi province Wushu routine center team Nanquan, only 20 years old. Martial arts since childhood, around 2012 transferred to the Shanxi Province martial arts training center, 2016 to participate in the national traditional martial arts Championship won fourth place. This year, the team in preparation for the National Games, he is the three person of the boxing project the key players. Ma TOYOTA seriously hard in training, positive and optimistic in life, United teammates, respected teachers, is recognized as a good nfl jerseys young people.

January 28, 2017 Spring Festival holiday home, Ma TOYOTA suddenly repeated fever situation. In February 6, 2017, TOYOTA horse body is feeling uncomfortable, to leave the team, the coach that he was wrong, and the doctor hurried him to the hospital after a comprehensive examination diagnosed with lymph cancer. The former full of youthful spirit and vibrant big boy now only helpless lying on the bed, experiencing the pain of torture. Because it can not eat, every day by nutrient solution maintenance.

Ma TOYOTA’s parents are at home farming, family economic situation is not rich. The son of a cheap nfl jerseys online sudden disease for parents in tears every day, the high cost of treatment is more pressure in their breath. Ma TOYOTA daily blood transfusion and medication costs as high as several thousand dollars, because most of them are imported drugs, Medicare can not be reimbursed. Shanxi martial arts center quickly launched a charity donation initiative, athletes and coaches have to lend a helping hand to raise medical expenses for TOYOTA.

The champion sports charity foundation in the learning of this situation, in February 22, 2017 to Shanxi Taiyuan to visit sick horse TOYOTA. Committee member, Secretary General Wu Qian and champion Paralympic champion Sun Changting on behalf of the Committee and Fund Committee of 51 winners Committee sent love and encouragement, we wish the young Wushu can maintain good optimistic attitude, to overcome the disease.

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