The old woman to escape violence to her ex husband 8 wholesale nfl jerseys news

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Yesterday (February 23rd) ms Wong rebellion in Zhuhai City, The old woman to escape violence to her ex husband 8 wholesale nfl jerseys news,said she was the mother of 8 children, but has frequently been domestic violence, finally divorced, her ex husband is still sichanlanda, the night before, her ex husband beat Ms. Wong and her carry certificates and cash. There is a saying you can say it again, but stole money and certificates, this really the housework? Or a crime?

Ms. Huang in Zhuhai city near Gongbei port business soup noodle shop, she is 16 years old with her ex husband Lee lived, now 36 year old Ms. Huang is already a mother of 8. 5 years ago, because often suffer from domestic violence, Ms. Huang and Lee divorced, but Lee remained in Ms. Huang’s noodle soup shop work. The day before yesterday evening, Ms. Lee and Lee quarrel, and then Lee was beaten.

Ms. Wong said: he beat me dizzy, my daughter in the police, he grabbed the phone cut, a total of three knives to cut the phone, my daughter scared. Then he took all the money, the money in the drawer, all the documents and cash in my bag.” The food supplier Chen witnessed the whole process, cheap jerseys wholesale he said he wanted to go to at nfl jerseys wholesale that time, who knows his back was Lee with a knife blade hit, but fortunately not serious.

The food supplier Chen: “he took the knife to cut the yellow lady, I’m going to want to go to the bar, she ran away, she asked me to go I will go, and then I got it back.” Due to equipment problems, the surveillance video of the day have been lost, we found through the monitor screen on weekdays, the person in charge of soup noodle shop although nominally Ms. Huang, but Lee often arbitrarily from the cashier to withdraw cash.

And then Cui Xinqin has been talking to my dad and me, I should have let this industry, said a long time has been convincing us, so I went back and told my dad, I want to test the film institute.” Zhang Yanyan and Hai Qing at Nortel, micro-blog [], Huang Haibo [micro-blog] is a classmate, and Huang Lei [micro-blog] Suodaibanli “four nanny” one.

“You and your ex husband are so bad, why do you have so many children? “From the first day I went to their home was hit, then I found that I was pregnant he dare not fight, only scold, but did not dare to hit me, so I often use it just to avoid being pregnant, later I found that this is not normal, one day not pregnant, will still be playing.” But Ms. Huang’s husband Lee said, although they have been divorced, but is actually “divorce is not home, still live together, usually soup noodle shop work mostly in him to do, the incident is due to cheap nike jerseys emotional control.

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