Drunk man rushed to the house to NFL jerseys drive away

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Original title: quick to kick out the house on nfl jerseys behalf of the driving drunk driving lead to disaster causing casualties
Please drunk driving on behalf of, when coming home but kicked up driving on behalf of his own, a dead and another injured in the accident. Defendant Hou Mouliang was charged with endangering public safety in a dangerous way, 22 trial in Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court.

According to the prosecution allegations, March 5, 2016 at 22 am, the defendant Liang Liang Liang and his friends after drinking, and friends together to sit in the back seat of the car by the driver to drive back to Whampoa . 22:54, on behalf of the driver to drive a pen to the village of Whampoa cheap nfl jerseys Doo Doo yuan security Pavilion, the light will be forced to a friend Yang, Huang on behalf of driving out of the car, and driving the vehicle collision near the railing.

23 PM, a light traveling to a cross road junction, the victim Min Moujun, Min Moufeng encountered in the walk across the road, and two vehicle collision, the Min Moujun died on the spot, min Moufeng injured (minor one).
Surveillance video shows Hou Mouliang in the butt at the accident site has had a cheap jerseys wholesale short stay, but regardless of the security guard asked to go ahead, into the pen village longitudinal road at the end of the vegetable, was the security guard and police arrested. After blood tests, houmou bright wholesale jerseys blood ethanol (alcohol) was 265.8mg/100ml.

Driving on behalf of Huang Hou said the testimony, on that night in a drunken state, driving on the way, Hou bright repeatedly asked by their own car, were rejected huang.
Away from the line to Hou bright house about a mile from Whampoa  District Bicun, Hou Mouliang again proposed by his home and forced Huang and Yang kicked off. Hwang said he was kicked off a bright light.
Focus: traffic accident or endanger public safety?

In this case, whether houmou bright booth railing of the impact, whether there is a threat to the public safety act, become the focus of court debate. Prosecutors believe that a party should be sentenced to dangerous means of endangering public safety crime, Liang Liang’s defense should be convicted of traffic accident crime. The two charges different sentencing in our country, “criminal law” provisions of the traffic accident crime sentencing for three years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention; endangering public safety has not cheap jerseys been causing serious consequences, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years. If the consequences are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years, life imprisonment or death.

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