Li Denghui 80 million luxury illegal NFL jerseys online was sentenced to demolition

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Former residence of the former leader of Taiwan, Li Denghui, illegal NFL jerseys online was sentenced to demolition Cui villa luxury, was accused of illegal occupation of 6.7 neighbors Ping land (Ping Ping for 3.3 square meters) as a garage and other construction. Taipei Shihlin District Court had previously found that the land belongs to the existing road for people to pass, “granddaughter Li Kunyi villa” property owners, Li Denghui only occupied the garage and yard demolition on the land. Taiwan’s high court ruling on the 24, Li Kunyi want to dismantle the house, but also to the neighbor (case appeal). The news came out, users almost applaud. Somebody wants Li Denghui to move back to japan”. Some people have to seize the DPP since taking office, a mistake will be blamed on the head of Ma Ying-Jeou Terrier, sharp ridicule: must be a Ma Ying-Jeou harm”.

According to Taiwan’s China Times reported that the “Cui mountain villa” in 40 years jerseys football ago to complete the construction. After retiring from Taiwan, Li Denghui, the Taiwan authorities to pay rent on a monthly basis, which houses a villa as his residence. Later, the “Legislative Yuan” in 2006 to amend the “outgoing leaders courtesy bill, a significant reduction in courtesy content, the authorities no longer pay the rent. The next year, Li Kunyi bought the house market value of about NT $80 million villa, still living by Li Denghui.

The police immediately proceed to the road of unity, the police quickly in a small hotel occupancy record found the name of Li Lei. Knock for a long time no one opened the door, we quickly called the boss took the key to open the door.” Open the door, the deer Xiaojin rushed opened a quilt, found a young boy was curled up in bed, writhed, vomit a suspected poisoning after a beach bed on the ground.

Li Denghui house was involved in litigation, because the name is for woman surnamed Chen,cheap jerseys wholesale 25 years ago have bought “villa” surrounding the land, but she found that part of the land was “villa” building tenants occupied, so Chen Nv accused 15 homeowners, house demolition also required. Li Kunyi is partly due to its courtyard and garage a cheap jerseys onlinetotal of 6.7 Ping Chen occupied land.

Li Denghui was sentenced to house demolition also in the news triggered a good friend within the island: “dismantling well!” “Water oh! (Minnan dialect, beautiful meaning)”
Some netizens lamented, “a leader on the land of others is really ugly!” Ugly ah! How come there is no privacy? A little bit or people, or buy, get so unbearable, alas!”

Another netizen sharp ridicule: move back to Japan, and let people get a better mood, the news,wholesale nba jerseys is still alive?” “Why so duck bully!” “Heaven has eyes”, “Ma Ying-Jeou is the harm?” , “will make his Xiaoying a pile of maggots are quite green, his”, “the judge under the judicial reform!”

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