Du Feng: the old team is the team’s precious NFL jerseys wholesale wealth

By • Feb 26th, 2017 • Category: nfl jerseys news

Beijing time on February 26th, the playoffs tonight will be the nfl jerseys wholesale first round of second games. Return to the home of the Guangdong team said tonight that the other side will fight very hard.
“I think the first game of the other side to play in general, we play well. But it doesn’t mean that it will be easy. Tonight is about winning the game.” For tonight’s game Du Feng.

Guangdong watched an hour of video this morning, but there was not much training.

Du Feng explained, “by watching the video to enhance the awareness of the people on the court. High level players not only have good physical and athletic ability, but also have a good mind and basketball consciousness. Constant reinforcement to help enhance. On the other hand, during the league season and fatigue, the nfl jerseys wholesale amount of training to adjust, today to see more videos to strengthen this area.”

When it comes to playoff players, Du Feng said, “old players are a valuable asset to the team. Because they experience not only the CBA playoffs, but also the experience of international competition. This experience can not afford to buy money, so in the playoffs, the old players will play a very critical and important role. The advantage is that the body is young players on the field of enterprise quality. Some games are not very stable, but it is also the opportunity to exercise their. According to the situation on the field, will be based on the needs of the field to distribute the staff time.”

The interrogation, the man admitted that he had stolen 18 one yuan coin coin box, he thought is full of money, to be disappointed. That night, the man defense team will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the police station for investigation. In the police station, the man claiming to be surnamed Zhou, 27 years old, Hefei suburbs. Zhou explained, half a year ago, a hotel he was still working in Hefei, save a million yuan of money.

After the last game, the Arab League was asked the most. Du Feng said the Arab League is only a reaction, cheap nfl jerseys to be adjusted, there is no problem.

“No, it’s nothing. Because of some fatigue, we also gave him adjustment. He didn’t get too involved in the playoffs. After the strength of the game, he was a little reaction, nothing else, very good.

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