Man pry window burglary was found after NFL jerseys china initiative

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Original title: Men’s night burglary was nfl jerseys china discovered by Tongzhou police on the spot qinzei

Evening news (reporter Dong Zhenjie) man by night to pry the window burglary, was the victim of crime found in Beijing, Tongzhou police rushed to the scene and arrested the man, uncovered a series of burglaries. (Legal Evening News WeChat No. ID:fzwb_52165216)

According to the Beijing Tongzhou police, the victim Zhao uncle lived in Tongzhou District West Town, home built around two rows of bungalows, he lived with his wife children in front of the cottage, son and daughter in the back of cottage living. 22:30 on February 14th Xu, Zhao suddenly found the house has a cheap nfl jerseys flat back light flashlight, but the son and daughter-in-law are not at home, he immediately call the police calls.

Tongzhou Public Security Bureau Lang Fu police station patrol police rushed to the scene 5 minutes. Zhao uncle under the guidance of the police into the back of the cottage, but the living room, bedroom, but did not find the suspect, but usually not locked toilet door closed, can not open. The police looked through the window, was found in the toilet of a form.

The police through the language of deterrence and ideological education, ultimately forcing the wholesale nfl jerseys suspect initiative to open the toilet door for examination, the scene seized a flashlight, screwdrivers and other tools of crime and stolen property.

In the face of the police, the suspect Yan a flustered, and so did not take the initiative on the police interrogation, I did not steal anything”.

Not long ago, he got hooked on the internet. “I look at a female anchor, I have to spend every day she had to spend three hundred or four hundred yuan reward, which let me live in the illusion of wealth.” Soon, a week to cannot eat the food of yesterday morning, Zhou Wu Ying came to the village in the city, while the dead open public self-service washing machine, cheap jerseys online stealing some money to buy some food to eat. Currently, the district police are further processed.

According to Yan confessed that it found the cottage hanging lock, the house did not incidentally night lights, presumably did not live, so at night to sneak into the open windows home in the theft of property, did not expect so soon to be found. I heard someone came in, his luck hiding in the toilet in an attempt to muddle through, can ultimately be found.

After further work, the suspects confessed to, drilling and other ways to implement sliding door window theft 20 nfl jerseys online criminal facts. The police rushed to the temporary residence searched, seized dozens of pieces of the theft of stolen goods. Now a suspected theft has been Tongzhou police criminal detention.

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