Tangshan motor vehicle inspection station cheap authentic nfl jerseys

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According to the “2016 China motor vehicle cheap authentic nfl jerseys environmental management annual report”, 2015, accounted for only 12.6% of total motor vehicle diesel engine, the nitrogen oxide (3 million 720 thousand tons) and particulate emissions (536 thousand tons) accounted for 69% of the total national motor vehicle emissions and more than 99%. Heavy diesel vehicles become an important and often overlooked source of atmospheric pollution.

Another is often quoted by the media data: a country three diesel vehicle emissions, equivalent to the total emissions of four cars in more than and 200 countries.

However, in some areas, these heavy-duty diesel vehicles in the detection process through the intermediary to clear the relationship, even if the exhaust emissions can not easily meet customs clearance.

Recently in Hebei Tangshan multiple vehicle detection station visits found that “cattle” entrenched inspection station is a authentic nfl jerseys china serious phenomenon. Some heavy-duty diesel truck driver said the annual inspection are looking for cattle agent, as long as the cost of a cheap jerseys wholesale little fee, braving the smoke can be detected by”.

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of typical cases together take revenge on informers, related discipline personnel have been treated, informants, duties and treatment to restore the reputation of the implementation.

Case No. 37 investigators found that in some underground gas emissions detection, exhaust emissions of substandard vehicles, without maintenance will be able to get the annual inspection standards. Whether it is on the detection of second-hand car trading in the daily inspection, “cattle” claiming to be “open” as long as you can pay all the links, authentic nfl jerseys cheap their owners on behalf of vehicle inspection, general heavy diesel vehicles 000 “package”.
Hebei Tangshan auspicious second-hand car market door, a car dealer holding the brand to attract customers.

Heavy diesel vehicles bring serious pollution to the money can be.” Perennial running in Hebei, Beijing, a large truck driver Liu master described his experience of the annual inspection.
The non-governmental environmental protection organization “good air guard man” co-founder Tian Jing said, cheap nfl jerseys at the end of September last year, she went to a wholesale market in Beijing, met from Tangshan Master Liu, “his car close to retirement, braving the exhaust black smoke is very pungent.”

Master Liu is a nearly 15 years of retirement deadline for the country’s two diesel vehicles, the Hebei agricultural products pulled to the Beijing market, an average of 35 days to Beijing once.

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