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Recently, a lot of people in the mail cigarettes, cheap nfl jerseys news liquor found that many courier companies have restrictions, unlike before you can express. Originally, the promulgation of the new “Regulations” prohibit delivery of goods, the provisions of the daily necessities can better express. If the courier companies to accept these items, will face the appropriate punishment.

The introduction of the provisions of the ordinary people only cheap jerseys online express things affect it?

If you travel to buy things, you can go home in the past things, and now it is wholesale nfl jerseys impossible to express. Moreover, you buy the goods online, it is possible that the new regulations can not receive.
“Prohibit the delivery of goods, management regulations” landing response? Want to send a few cigarettes to the old father but limited

After the Spring Festival every year, Mr. Zhang will always send a few cigarettes to his old father. According to his old habits, to send a number of old people, basically enough for a year to smoke.
In February 1st, he dialed the courier company to send a cigarette when the phone, the courier was informed that each can only send two. “It’s not a dangerous product, why should it be limited?” Mr. Liu is very puzzled. But he followed the rules.

And Mr. Zhao, who had a little ivory sculpture, was ready to send a friend to Beijing to sell. But the nfl jerseys china courier refused. He for a series of three courier companies, have been declined. It is said that there are new regulations explicitly prohibit the collection of ivory, tiger, rhinoceros horn and other products.

Express courier company in Taiyuan, a small Lu said that the new regulations on what things can not be charged is clearly defined. “If we encounter an unknown liquid, unknown powder, do not get it clear, back to the company will be dismissed.”

When traveling shopping careful not to go back, that express the new regulations, the public Ms. Wong thought about it, after the trip, is not just to buy things.
She had to go to Tibet tourism, to help a friend bought handle knives, was sent back to the store for help, “these is not just bought. The store promised to help you send it back, but if you do not come back, the money must be spent, you couldn’t run for a few hundred dollars, how activist it.”

On these issues, the reporter consulted the Shanxi provincial postal administration. Relevant personnel said that if the purchase of goods in the field, and suggest the best business consultation, if not belonging to the courier, businesses should refund buyers through what way.

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