wholesale cheap NBA jerseys how to avoid miscarriage of justice?

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A decision on not step on the line, wholesale cheap nba jerseys took 20 minutes before. The day before the CBA playoffs occurred in the battle of Shanghai and Shenzhen this dramatic scene, but also reflect the embarrassing situation of CBA hardware is not in place, video playback technology lag. So, has been regarded as the example of learning NBA, there are many broadcast seats, spending heavily to build what playback center like it, what role to play in handling disputes in court?

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Comparison of CBA9 broadcast seats NBA34, currently, CBA TV broadcast seats set to 8 seats in the regular season, playoffs and finals 9 seats, 10 seats. These seats set will be adjusted according to different TV stations, more than just the most basic seat set on CBA.

This year the CBA League has used the new TV hardware equipment and new requirements, each game will provide a single TV playback system for the referee, the referee for the assistant judge and coach of the team in the event of a dispute of Hawkeye challenge calls when faced with controversial penalty when. However, these are insufficient to provide strong support for the referee to deal with emergencies. For example, the live broadcast on the technical means can not achieve the details of the picture zoom function.

It is reported that the NBA game broadcast seats in about 34 or so, basketball 6, nike nba jerseys line 12, line 2, line 8 seats, air 1, line 4 seats, far corner 1. Of course, the degree of importance of each game as well as the earth, and other factors, will also affect the setting and the number of television relay.

Pay attention to playback center proposed “seven angle lens concept” in March 20th this year to 28, U-22’s foot will travel to Dubai for a tournament, the tournament consists of 8 teams, including the national team U-22 and Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Malaysia in group B.

Yesterday, the domestic well-known basketball media Yang Yi in the public, broke out of the general wholesale nba jerseys content of the Chinese basketball Congress closed, had just took the basketball association president Yao Ming proposed the League reform plan, results all rejected.

NBA officially opened the playback center in the 2014/2015 season, after the origin of their video playback system with the current similar to CBA, is also provided by local television broadcasters, it is easy to appear the video quality uneven situation, even for “justifying” and refused to provide video may. Thus, the use of independent playback center instead of the relay vehicle was put on the agenda.

NBA in order to create a highly professional playback Center for $15 million, it is understood that the playback center area is 100 square meters, can accommodate 17 monitoring workstation (including backup), each workstation consists of a super clear TV, three touch screen monitor, 1 keyboard and two screen controller. Equipped with a playback member. All the players are selected from the referee, players and other professionals, professional playback center is the biggest advantage. At the beginning of the establishment of the center, the idea of “seven angle lens” is put nba jerseys forward, that is, every picture has a record of seven different angles. As long as the referee to make the request, the replay will be in the fastest time in the seven lens to find the best angle, to assist the referee to make a penalty.

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