Ibrahimovic: I didn’t want to go to cheap NFL jerseys online

By • Mar 1st, 2017 • Category: nfl jerseys online

Almost single handedly, Ibrahimovic helped Southampton beat cheap nfl jerseys online Manchester United won the League Cup. Time back to the summer of last year, Ibrahimovic joined and questioned his salary is too high, but now Ibrahimovic has guards, so that all the questions are shut up. In fact, United fans are so lucky, because he was the secret of Ibrahimovic personally, do not want to join Manchester United, because of some special reasons, he came here.

Can you imagine, 35 year old Ibrahimovic, so far this season, it has been Manchester United appearances for the second time, scored as many as 26 goals in 38. This is how lucky Ibrahimovic, Manchester united. The Red Devils fans is fortunate, because Ibrahimovic originally did not intend to join Manchester united. Last summer, Paris and Saint Germain became free after the expiration of the contract, Ibrahimovic is not the preferred team, manchester.
Ibrahimovic himself said: “secret I wasn’t going to go to Manchester United, but my two children let me go there, and Mourinho also called me, so I came here. If we talk about the coach, the Premier League, England, Manchester United should thank Mourinho, because he phoned me and invited me to Manchester, nfl jerseys wholesale otherwise I won’t come here, even my two children let me go to Manchester united.”

Ibrahimovic to Manchester United, in fact, there is another reason, that is to return to the skeptics. Ibrahimovic said: “can lift the Carling Cup trophy, which is very special. Not because of my age, I’m not worried about my age, because I know what I can do. That’s because I can come to England. Over the years, cheap nike jerseys onlineit has been said that Ibrahimovic has not proved himself in the premier league. People think I can’t do those things that I did. I feel good now, and I enjoy it.”

On behalf of the meeting, Yao Ming first “extended League” proposal was rejected, he puts forward the proposal: implementation of the North South Division, the League (the same district fight each other games in 4 different zones played in 2 games this season CBA will play 18 games. On behalf of the view that, at the present stage of the CBA club is still a loss, but also to increase the game, so you have to play more than 9 away, the income is not increased, the club can only be playing more money. Yao Ming also suggested that the cheap jerseys china national team to shorten the training time, take the “dream team” of American invitation system; cancellation of foreign aid in Asia, the implementation of four day four times; the deputies believe these two programs are not in conformity with the national conditions, the final veto.

Ibrahimovic and Manchester United have only signed a one-year contract, but Ibrahimovic is not in a hurry to talk about renewal. “It doesn’t matter to the Champions League,” he said. “When I came here, I didn’t qualify for the Champions league. So, it’s okay to renew my contract. I’m going to stop playing at my peak, good nfl jerseys and if I don’t get to Tianda for Ibrahimovic, or I can’t play, or I can’t win the team, then I’ll stop playing.”

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