The cannon will become the free player leading team for NFL jerseys wholesale

By • Mar 1st, 2017 • Category: wholesale jerseys news

Beijing time on March 1st, according to the “nfl Sporting News” reports, nfl jerseys wholesalethe Toronto Raptors all star guard Kell Lowry will become a free agent in the summer. In addition to the Raptors, Lakers, nuggets and a team of 76 people are likely to sign lori.

This year’s all star weekend, Lori is not clear about the free player market this summer, he can only say that tend to stay in toronto. “It will be a choice.”
Yesterday, the Raptors announced Lori will accept the wrist surgery, is expected to miss up to 4-5 weeks, that is to say, Lori might miss the regular season all the rest of the game.
There is no doubt that Lori injured against the Raptors playoff prospects is a major blow. If the cheap jerseys wholesale Raptors in the playoffs in unstable or not to go far, it will certainly affect the decision Lori in the free agent market, and then Lori will sacrifice some economic benefits (Raptors can provide a longer contract for Lori) and to test the free player market.

It is understood that Lori in the summer of 2014 become the free player is interested in joining the Lakers, but because of the direction to see the Lakers, Lori eventually gave up the idea. But now the situation has changed, even if the Lakers have de Angelo – Russell in the 1st position, Lori will still become a target in their nfl jerseys free shiping agents on the market.

In addition, Lowry home team – Philadelphia 76 people in urgent need of a starting point guard, and they are expected to join the competition for lowry. Another notable contender is the Denver nuggets, who will be aggressive in the free agent market this summer.

At the start of the new season, the club and the team after a period of time study, research, and obtained the approval of the team coach Zhang Wailong, contemporary Chongqing Lifan football club and Yuri, Yuan Cheng, Yao Daogang, Nan Song Min four players signed a work contract, the four players will officially join the cheap jerseys online lifan! [good] and contemporary Chongqing Lifan football club also on loan from La Liga Granada football club to a teenager Xu xu. [heart] another loan to the team’s two season midfielder Peng Xinli to complete a permanent transfer. In addition, Liao Junjie, Chen Kejiang joined the Chongqing contemporary reserve team football club!

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