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By • Mar 2nd, 2017 • Category: nfl jerseys news

Beijing time on February 28th, nfl game jerseys Chinese League in the winter transfer window deadline, perhaps because of the relationship in the promulgation of a new deal this year, local players premium is more serious, Huaxia happiness paid up to 20 million 440 thousand euros transfer fee to sign Zhang Chengdong, a premium of up to 43 times.

In recent seasons, with the club Chinese arms race becomes more intense, more than ten times the premium players have become the norm. This year’s winter window, this phenomenon is particularly serious, on the one hand, because of the outstanding local players are still serious scarcity, and the strength of the club to participate in more and more arms competition. On the other hand is the introduction of the new deal, the number of foreign players in the restricted and forced use of U23 players, including local players cheap nfl jerseys in line with the requirements of age is to become a popular commodity.

From Beijing Guoan to join China Happy Zhang Chengdong worth 20 million 440 thousand euros, broke the Chinese league players worth record in this year’s winter window can be ranked ninth in the world, more than the Belgian star Witt Sal, Brazil star Pato et al. In Germany, the transfer market, Zhang Chengdong’s estimated value of only 475 thousand euros, the actual transfer fee doubled to 43 times.

But Zhang Chengdong even in the super premium index are not ranked the top three, King joined Huaxia happiness premium to 17 million 800 thousand euros from Zhejiang Greentown Zhao Yuhao, his estimated worth only 100 thousand euros, a premium of up to 178 times! Although Zhao Yuhao was born on 1993, and a nfl jerseys china little potential to be excavated, but such a crazy premium, only amazing super nouveau riche Club burn like burning paper style.

In addition, from Yanbian hilder joined a Shenzhen team Cui the transfer fee of 11 million 500 thousand euros, estimated worth of the defender is 175 thousand euros, he also premium of about 66 times. The effectiveness of the season in Beijing and a person, and because of the number of injuries due to the small number of Zhang Chenglin transfer fee also reached 9 million 650 thousand euros, his estimated price of only $125 thousand, a premium of up to 77 times.

Transfer fee ranked third Wang Yongpo is worth $12 million 440 thousand, is his estimate of 400 thousand euros worth of the times of 31. Renhang worth (last year ranked fifth in the league during the officer declared to join the Chinese happy, but this season is not officially registered) transfer fee is 10 million 750 nfl jerseys wholesale thousand euros, when the outside world have marveled at his high net worth, but this year the winter window is “second” more than. And the estimated value of 400 thousand euros in contrast, Ren only premium of about $27, is the lowest value of the top ten players in the lowest premium, Suning was called when buying a conscience price.

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