Exposure to music as a result of loss of NFL jerseys online copyright

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In February 28th, the AFC, Austria power nfl jerseys online and music as sports three have issued a notice, the AFC lifted the AFC Champions League copyright contract and music as sports, body aodongli Jiepan, March 1st AFC Champions League game will resume in the CCTV broadcast at the same time, Suning will also become the body aodongli controlling shareholders, this situation is is a good news for domestic fans, after all, can in the CCTV channel free to watch this AFC Champions League is good. The evening of March 1st, CCTV will broadcast the Guangzhou rival at the Samsung Bluewings, taped in Jiangsu Suning home court to Adelaide United game.

The AFC official announced the lifting of the music as sports events broadcast contract for a period of 4 years that the body will then offer aodongli LETV won AFC’s all matches all media copyright and signal in the China mainland production right, for a period of 4 years, the original AFC and music as sports sign is for cheap nfl jerseys online a period of 4 years but music as sports events broadcast contract, fails to pay due to a recent installment.

It is reported that the contract is not only AFC Champions League, but also includes 12 finals and other related events of the right to live. The music as sports said in a statement, “I’m sorry to tell you that music as sports AFC received notice, the two sides had signed for the 12 season, AFC Champions League events such as the termination of copyright cooperation. This year, we will not be able to see the game on the music as a platform to watch the game.
It is understood that the sports LETV capital chain problems, even the CEO ray Zhenjian also jerseys china for cheap Frank “this is music as sports two years of rapid development, thanks to a large number of high-quality events in the hands of copyright. But on how to solve this problem, the company has indeed been a certain resistance.” Lack of funds is the main reason for losing AFC Champions League and 12 music as sports match rights. LETV sports also said, “although the lost one of the most important events of copyright, but we don’t change to provide you more better and live events and viewing experience in the beginning of the heart.” In addition, music as sports also said, to give us a great support for the music as sports members, in the expression of regret at the same time, we are willing to compensate for your loss.” In accordance with the music as a member of the sports package, opened 1 months to $59, for 3 months was $159, a $1 for the year, it seems that the music as the loss is not good estimate.

After hours the body aodongli through the official WeChat announced the event broadcast in the bag, cheap authentic nfl jerseys hand in 8 billion yuan as the copyright of “gold master”, body aodongli and music as sports are about super copyright cooperation, get AFC Champions League and 12 strong match, body aodongli currently has the Super League team, China series of games, China FA Cup and super cup full media copyright, almost all the China football tournaments in the bag.

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