Han Minzhong drives the excavator to NFL jerseys wholesale de Sade

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According to the Korean National Daily reported that at nfl jerseys wholesale 2 p.m. on February 28th, South Korea, more than more than 40 residents holding placards held rallies against the deployment of sade”. 2 angry residents plan to open the excavator at the rally to the state golf course, was blocked by the police. South Korean police deployed more than 10 squadrons in the local, a total of nearly 1000 police.

Resident Zhang Jingshun said, “the grandmother who are old, is living in the valley, and silently suddenly (the thad) deployment…… We are not like people like to be rejected, and the sad and no place to complain”.
28, 2009, at 2 o’clock, more than more than 40 residents began holding hand signs gathered in the assembly hall. cheap nfl jerseys 2 angry residents planned to open an excavator at the rally to the state golf course, but was blocked by the police.
Residents from the afternoon of 3 when the state began to golf course. Wisconsin Golf Hall distance is 2 kilometers, the residents shouted “get rid of Sade, for my peace” and “to oppose the deployment of Sade”, “Sade go back to the United States” and other slogans, toward the golf course traveled 700 meters, after they met police blocked.

Yonhap reported on 27, the Lotte to confirm “Sade” for South Korean opposition, caused by shock. South Korea Democratic Party chief spokesman said the Defense Ministry press Lotte “Sade” for pity, the exchange is escape congressional oversight by the political consultations with Department of defense requirements, the process of cheap jersey online land exchange and public lotte.

South Korea’s National Party spokesman also stressed that the party insisted on the deployment of Sade’s need to approve the position of both sides of Congress, the South Korean government is now ignoring public opinion strong push Sade is a violation of the constitution, but also the abuse of public rights.

Some people in Kimcheon, and 27 in Seoul also went to Lotte business in front of the headquarters held a cheap authentic nfl jerseys demonstration to protest against the group to provide deployment with “Sade”. The two anti SA group has developed plans to take measures to block the entrance of the relevant roads, to prevent the construction of de Sade base. South Korean military is ready and the local police forces, ready to deploy a large number of police officers “to eliminate the interference”.

At a regular press conference of 27 days, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in response, South Korea to promote the deployment in South Korea thad anti missile system, seriously undermine the strategic balance in the region, serious damage to the region, including the Chinese relevant national strategic and security interests, is not conducive to maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. South Korea regardless of China’s interests and concerns, with the United States insisted on stepping up the deployment process. China expressed firm opposition and strong dissatisfaction.

Geng Shuang said that China opposes the deployment in Korea thad system will is firm, will resolutely take necessary measures to safeguard its own security interests, all the consequences arising from South Korea to bear. We strongly urge the parties concerned to stop the deployment process, do not go wholesale nfl jerseys farther and farther on the wrong road.

28, Geng Shuang further stressed that China has the latest developments two times to South Korea made solemn representations.

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