Cannavaro: Manchester United cheap NFL jerseys wholesale I want to find a super big

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Cannavaro: Manchester United cheap NFL jerseys wholesale I want to find a super big

Tianjin coach Cannavaro said the right to health, the Manchester United midfielder Fellaini broker to find him, told him to “sell” the Belgium international star, but he did not want to.
Fellaini and Manchester United recently signed a cheap nfl jerseys wholesale year until the New Testament, due in 2018, but he had an unhappy period, in December last year, because of a mistake on Everton war, Fellaini was once the team Manchester United fans, when he was a lot of pressure, but later received the full support of Mourinho.

Cannavaro revealed that Fellaini’s agent had to find their own, to seek transfer nfl super jerseys china. “He was sold to me, but I told him that I’m looking for a bigger player.”
Fellaini stayed at United


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This season, with the famous Pato and Witt Sal signed the Tianjin right to health aid, they meet Cannavaro’s expectations. The card Shuai also said that he had the opportunity to sign the Premier League small Warcraft Lukaku. “The problem in Everton, they won’t let him go,” Cannavaro said, “Lukaku the younger, but this is not a problem.”

Lukaku must be perfect in super. Look at Oscar, only 25 years old, he left to Shanghai port. Why nfl jerseys nike? Because football is played everywhere, every player wants to play in a winning club.”

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