Join Suning because wholesale NFL jerseys to championship for the new season

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The afternoon of February 27th received a wholesale nfltelephone jerseys telephone brokers said is for a move to Jiangsu Suning to Guangzhou on the afternoon of February 28th, Jiangsu R & F and Suning two club official declared transfer completed, spent two years in Guangzhou R & F Wang song, in just two days after the transfer window closed before the 2017 season of “strive for the impossible”. The change was so rapid that Wang felt suddenly, but as a professional player, he was ready.

As a midfielder metronome type player, Wang song is very popular, this move is Suning restart negotiations — at the end of last year, Jiangsu Suning has issued an invitation to Wang song, in fact, want to dig Wang Song club more than Suning, also including the new season in a hot Chongchao Wuhan zall. Wang Song finally chose to join Jiangsu Suning, not only because of providing a 3 year contract Suning for him, more important is to join the team have the opportunity to let him realize his occupation career in the first league title,nfl jerseys china more than 40 million of the transfer fee, 3 year contract, the Yankees play from Wang Song in terms of this move is a win-win results, but to Guangzhou, he reluctantly.

On the morning of March 2nd, Wang song will fly from Guangzhou to Nanjing to open a new cheap nfl jerseys career. Before leaving Guangzhou Wang Song interview with this newspaper, open heart! I will adjust myself as soon as possible, into the Jiangsu Suning, so that the new club feel my value for money!”

It all happened so fast

“Football”: you are a very sudden transfer, the transfer window closed on the last cheap nike jerseys online day of the transfer from the transfer of Suning, when did you receive the transfer of information?
Wang Song: I also on Sunday and the team played with Shen Xin is the team’s warm-up match, Monday rest day, around Monday afternoon, my agent told me, and Jiangsu Suning to restart the negotiations, the two clubs are in talks with the leadership of the club, then I contacted a Fuli Club leader said basically settled, I need here and Suning to confirm it, then an hour is determined.

You didn’t get the league or the FA Cup in your career, you talked to me before, and I’m looking forward to winning the title in my career

Indeed, the Premier League or the FA Cup champions have great attraction for me, because I only get nfl jerseys online the champion of occupation career is at the beginning of this year on behalf of the Guangdong provincial team won the cup, before I can win the championship is a pity for me, I think in my present state and, in time, have the ability in the opportunity to appear in front of me, I really want to grasp, also want to fight for the opportunity. This is the competitive sports, to constantly challenge themselves, constantly challenging new goals, which is a very good motivation.

What do you think of the new club Jiangsu Suning?

For the last year, Jiangsu Hengda and Suning Suning is fierce, just a little bit, I think this is a little regret, but this also proves that Suning has champion, have the opportunity to compete with Hengda, so for me to this team is very honored, I I wish to get into the team, to play its role.

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