After the rectification of Chinese Golf NFL jerseys wholesale observation

By • Mar 4th, 2017 • Category: wholesale jerseys news

Thunder like cleanup remediation finally nfl jerseys wholesale results, meaning that occurred in the central ministries, local government and golf course developers as long as 13 years of the game also announced the end. Is this game and there is no real winner, tens of billions of billions of dollars of investment come to nothing, a large number of practitioners to lose their jobs, the government made serious damage to the credibility of breach of contract breach. The core cause of this result lies in the absence of the system. Therefore, the industry appeal, this regulation should not stop at the turn off many golf courses, the most important results should be based on the top-level design thinking, planning, development of security system of Chinese Golf standardized planning formulation and management mode and operation mechanism.

Resolutely break the golf course, the more forbidden more vicious circle

Foreign media attention Chinese rectification Golf AP: hundreds of shut down. That golf will return to nfl sports news, more than ten years behind the ban six years of renovation, the breakdown of the banned Golf Course “nine sins” management dislocation, China golf industry of the war.

The clean-up remediation board heavily hit the illegal golf business body. But objectively speaking, the root China Golf chaos generated can not completely blame the industry at the end of the court party governance, but the main reason is that the vacuum system and absence of management at the macro level caused by industry ills.

Golf in the Chinese air plant has 33 years of history. But so far, from the central to the local, but not a authentic nfl jerseys coordination or the development of golf industry guidance authority effective industry organization, no golf industry research institutions professional development issues and objectively reflect the industry voice, also no power to promote golf development policy mechanism should be agreed, the construction industry has been the lack of golf facilities positioning and industry planning, so there is no government counterpart and proper compliance reporting channels and processes in huminghuan, emerge of itself and perish of itself, savage growth, the chaos of the state for a long time.

In Chinese Golf slipped into the morass of disorderly development of 13 years, the government as the regulator of market economy law and norms of behavior, the beginning is not as critical to golf such a sustainable new industry system construction, policy arrangements and standards in the absence of long-term or imperfect state, resulting in the lack of development of golf industry specification and coordination, planning, and a “ten year ban, ten years of soaring” embarrassing situation. Then, as around 6 years, golf clean-up regulation, choose a way too far, ignored prior to listen to industry experts, the rectification in lack of scientific standards and norms, the law enforcement process is simple and rough, just a shovel, causing serious waste of resources, ecological destruction and damage the livelihood of the people.

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