Drunken man was killed after being kicked off NFL jerseys authentic brother died

By • Mar 5th, 2017 • Category: nfl jerseys news

Only 37 year old middle-aged man Li Yong (nfl jerseys authentic) after a drunken taxi home, on the way because of trivial quarrel and brother. Brother angry, will not arrive off Li Yonggan. Li Yong drunk in the crosswalk when he fell by a brake vehicle rolling than death. Li Yongjia is resolved through litigation with the owners of the accident after a dispute, the court sued the Fangshan taxi company Yizhisuzhuangjiang brother belongs, for more than 80 yuan in economic losses. Reporters from the Fangshan Court confirmed that the court has accepted the case.

November 18, 2015 6 am in the morning, drunk Li Yong took a taxi home. On the way, brother Wang and Li Yong talk, did not expect the disagreeable conversation half sentence, a few words down two people quarrel. In a rage, Wang money do not let Li Yong get off, Li Yongliao will be in a week left Beijing Road intersection.

Drunk Li Yongliang, along the crosswalk when suddenly fell to the ground, coincides with the Ma by driving a car, brake less Ma direct rolling from Li Yongshen and had caused the death of Li Yong.
After the incident, Ma alarm. Identified by the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, cheap nfl jerseys Fangshan traffic detachment, a driving motor vehicle does not ensure the safety of the illegal behavior, there is a causal relationship with the occurrence of traffic accidents, is part of the cause of the accident, illegal acts of Li Yong on the roadway in lying, and traffic accident causation, is part of the reason of accident the. Eventually, traffic detachment identified Ma and Li Yongwei equal responsibility.

In April 26, 2016, mother, wife and son Li Yong’s horse and the insurance company to court, requiring more than 103 yuan in economic losses. The case was Fangshan court trial, the verdict insurance company to compensate three medical expenses, lost income and other economic losses more than 36 yuan.

Get the payment of the insurance company’s money, Li Yong’s mother, wife and children think the death of Li Yong and the Getuo can not do, they think the taxi companies should ensure that passengers arrive at a safe place, the day is not bright, the driver of the taxi company will throw in a drunken passenger traffic to very complex crossroads, cheap jerseys online regardless of the safety of the passengers, causing the death of Li Yong the consequences of breach of contract, complete the taxi service agreement. Therefore, to the Sanyuan taxi company taken to court to ask for more than 80 of economic losses. At present, the case is Fangshan court, a public hearing.

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