U.S. NFL indoor break 300 authentic jerseys meters world record

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Beijing time on March 5th morning, in 2017 the United States authentic jerseys indoor track and Field National Championships ended second days of competition, because of this there is no indoor World Championships to be held, focused outdoor projects of many American top players missed the championship, resulting in performance generally. But the 19 – year-old Noah Lies, 87 to 31 seconds, 0.01 seconds off the quiet ten year old man indoor 300 meter world record.

The 300 metres race both indoor and outdoor, only the best in the world, without being placed in the IAAF world record event category. Results after 300 meters indoor world best player Spermon is the United States in 2006 ran out of 31 seconds 88, the Spermon in the eighth qualifying identity also entered the finals, but give up the competition due to injury.

Noah – 19 year old Lies is 16 years junior men’s 100 meter champion, he in the heats of the 300 metres in 32 seconds, 16 ranked first. After entering the finals, due to the narrow track, the final eight to be divided into two groups. He ran out of second seconds in the 87 group and eventually won the championship, the results in one fell swoop Spermon broke the world’s nike jerseys best performance for the past ten years to maintain the results of the world’s best in the past 31 years.

The Rio Olympic Games men’s pole vault bronze medalist, Sam Kendricks to 5 meters 85 men hold champion, he started from 5 meters 65, 5 meters, 70 meters and 5 meters 5 80 85 is a one-off, but after winning, in good condition to give up a high try kendricks. Eric Klein, ned by 2 meters 30 won the men’s high jump champion. As Leon Moore to 20 meters 78 won the men’s shot put champion, ladrech Ward to 7 meters 93 won the men’s long jump champion, Paul chelimo in 8 minutes 28 seconds 53 won the men’s two mile race champion, Cato with 5738 points won the men’s seven pentathlon champion.

In the women’s game, Erica bogard to 4558 won the women’s nfl jerseys five decathlon champion, Shelby Hawley Han in 4 minutes 45 seconds 18 won the women’s champion in the mile run, Francis to 36 seconds 15 won the women’s 300 meters champion, Erica bogard to 6 meters 44 won the women’s long jump champion.

Some of the conventional indoor competition project competition will be held tomorrow, the men’s 60 meters have become famous players, but the men’s 60 meter hurdles for single appeared in aris – Merritt. As the men’s 110 meter hurdles world record holder Merritt, the 60 meter hurdles best achievement is 7 seconds 43 occupation, and won an indoor world championship. But now he although the success of the transplant, but state than ever fall so far this year, his 60 meter hurdles, the best result is 7 seconds 63.

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