He is stronger than James NFL jerseys cheap wholesale League first defensive player

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Today we continue the offseason star biography series wholesale. The end of the nfl jerseys cheap cornerback introduction, we then turn their attention to the defensive attack, the first attack and defense, is undoubtedly the Houston Dezhou team headed star NFL, the first defensive star, Watt JJ-.

In March 22, 1989, Justin – James Watts was born in southern Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, 50 km from the Milwaukee area (as a reference, the Green Bay in 180 km north of Milwaukee). The Watt family is said to be of Scotland descent. Although the parents are not athletes, but Watt and his two younger brothers, Derek and TJ, are in this area. In childhood, Watt is the main hockey, and later gave up the sport at the age of 13, and football is the primary school grade five began to play.

In Pewaukee high school, Watt in basketball, baseball and track teams have been tried, including in track and field, his shot once threw 18.28 meters, breaking the record of history. But what he does best is football. In the last year of high school, he was selected in the top two sides of the front end and defensive front in the best team in the state. However, Wisconsin is not a football, Watt wonderful has attracted national attention in scholarship after graduating from high school, he did not get the first-class Rugby School, he nfl jerseys online eventually chose to provide scholarships for him in University of Michigan.

In University of Michigan this year, he was used as a front end, he also has a heart to reach the heart. In 14 games, he has only 8 receptions for 77 yards and 0 touchdowns. So it seems, continue to play near the end of the front is no future, the coaching staff had suggested that he changed the offensive cut off front, but Watt rejected the proposal. He later recalled, at the time, there are two things that contributed to his decision, one wants to be a little closer to home (in fact in Michigan from his home but also separated by a lake), another is that he wants to play defense group. University of Michigan has a special place in his heart, and he will always be grateful for the first school that gave him the chance to play. However, he also realized that in the attack group in Michigan, he did not have much room for development, he wanted to play a defensive team, and the school of his hometown, University of Wisconsin has such an opportunity, but will not give him a scholarship. But he decided to give up the scholarship, to give up the main position, left in all of Michigan’s friends, as a non scholarship was born to the home of the University of Wisconsin, ready to play defensive attack. From now on, this decision has cheap nfl jerseys changed his destiny, but also changed the history of NFL in the next few years.

The 2008 season, he did not play, “red shirt” for a year. In 2009 he finally came to the main opportunity. In the university the first fight defensive end of the game, he and his teammates together got a sack, broke a pass. This year he contributed a total of 4.5 sacks and 15.5 negative yardage grapple, although it is not a top level, but also show the potential in his defense group. Next, the 2010 season as he boarded the national stage in the same year, Ohio State University and the Northwestern University game in the nfl game, he got three single negative yardage grapple. He finally in the year 13 games to get 7 sacks 21 negative yardage sackin (tied the seventh), selected the best team two team. Although only two years of defense team to play the main force, but this time Watt has spent 4 years college career, to participate in the draft.

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