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Brady's NFL jersey

If the data of the regular season, but also because the Brady nfl jerseys wholesale career is not over, but it left in suspense. Then came to the playoffs, Brady is already fully deserve the first person in history. Stable performance thanks to the Patriots, to the end of this year, the super bowl, Brady has featured 34 times in the playoffs, the second leading Manning by 7 games at quarterback. The most active players in the field, but is 20 Ben Roethlisberger’s. So many Brady’s playoff record, not only in the way ahead of other players, even may never be later broken. He made 1325 shots in a total of 831 shots in the playoffs in the last 34 games, with a total of more than a mere 9094 yards and a maximum of more than half of the other players, but Manning ‘s 7339 – yard and Joe – Montana’s Top 45 of the world’s top 63. Other players in active duty, the number of appearances of Roethlisberger and Rodgers, two people together, up to the number of the array is not comparable to Brady, the number is barely more than. In addition, the 7 or four quarter reversal Brady, 10 times winning attack also ranks in the history of the first, and now, only the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson could pose a threat. Of course, appearances, good and bad, Brady 31 playoff steals and 61 was killed, the same rank in history first, probably later will not be exceeded.

And to the highest stage — on the super bowl, then no one can compare with brady. The 7 competition, the 5 time to win the Super Bowl MVP is a record of the history of the 4. Brady in the 7 super bowl, a total of 309 shots hit 207 times, 2071 yards and 15 touchdowns, except him, shot and hit number more than 100 in the super bowl, only one Manning, code number is not more than 1200 yards. While other players active in most but is Ben Roethlisberger’s 642 yards, 4 touchdowns – Russell Werwilson. Therefore, the data in the Brady super bowl jerseys, with the playoffs, not only is no suspense in the history of the first, and probably will never be broken. The same is similar with the playoffs 16 times, Brady was sacked in the history of the first super bowl.

The super bowl of very touching, because the captain at patriot chase points, the game was dragged into overtime, Brady also set a Super Bowl some single game record: 62 shots, 43 shots, 466 yards passing, all broke the single game Super Bowl history record. 25 points is also the biggest reversal in the history of super bowl, after the reversal of the super bowl, the winning side up to a maximum of only over 10 points.

This is the first 17 years of our history of the first star of the data summary. Over the next few seasons, Brady will be in the cheap nfl jerseys online regular season to catch up with a number of predecessors, in the playoffs continue to refresh their records. In his time, to witness his legendary career, but also our lucky. We also hope that he will continue to maintain a love of football, as much as possible to maintain a high level of performance, in the next few years to continue to succeed.

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