The senator vs NHL jerseys cheap partition second battle

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The good momentum of the recent the Atlantic district two nhl jerseys cheap expansion encounters, currently ranked second in Ottawa in the district to meet the Boston senator in the home court, the Bruins challenge, if the bears can beat the senators in the regular time, then they will be on the second partition of the throne, Tencent sports will be in Beijing on the morning of March 7th 8:30 for your video broadcast of this game, please pay attention.

The Bruins Huanshuai made 8 wins 2 negative perfect record, the current hot pursuit in the championship division lead senator and canadians. A group of strikers the team is very hot, especially the number one Brad Marchand, since the new year he has scored 19 goals, a total of 36 points, ranked first in all players, in his lead, the original state of the cold season center Patrice Lang also had Pakki heroics, the last 7 games he has 2 goals and 7 assists, scored by marchand. Behind them, the young David Pasternack, although from a group is adjusted to the two groups, but his condition has also been extended, 7 games, 1 goals and 5 assists, his play led the two group center David anchorage et al. At the same time, in much less on his powerful shot the ball directly the team, to create more offensive options. The three group, young Frank Watelanuo, play Ryan Sipuenna and the new aid Drew Stafford worthy of attention, the first two people in the past 7 games together contributed 5 goals, Staffordshire game debut also contributed 1 assists, if they can continue the good performance of this, in terms of attacking opponents will bear they are a headache.

The team’s top defensive end, Tori Krueger still state brave, in the last 7 nhl games jerseys, scoring 1 goals and 5 assists for the team’s offensive and defensive series plays a key role, with captain Zedano and Brandon Tzara Carlo’s contribution, the Bruins defense is very strong.

The goalkeeper position, rested in the face of weak New Jersey devils in the game, the game card Laske served as first great possibility, although his condition is not stable, but the average fighting rate has rebounded to 91.3% of the league average, only he could continue to play, to bear it is a strong support.

The senators, playing against rival Columbo blue team gave the team a lot of confidence, after the end of the game, the team will open a wave of three consecutive western road trip, so this game is very important for them. On offense, Stone and Mike return to Mark Hoffman gave the team a strong confidence, they and Derek cloth Lhasa, Kell turits, Arrakis Boras and Zach Smith formed a group of two head striker of the team, in the past 8 games, they scored 13 goals as the team scored, key senators rattling, as long as they can make achievements,nhl jerseys side pressure will reduce a lot of.

The defensive end, the team head Eric Carlson recently demonstrated a strong vitality, 8 games and scored 2 goals and 7 assists, he opened the series for the offensive and defensive situation to the team, as the season entered into a critical moment, he must want to keep the good feel this.

The goalkeeper position, the team will be as in the past on Craig Anderson’s play, since the reunification of the team he made 6 wins 2 negative good grades, saves the average rate of 94.6%, this play is the most powerful opponent for any team striker.

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